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5 Good Reasons to Have Outdoor Wicker Furniture

5 Good Reasons to Have Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is great for your lawn, garden, conservatory, patio, porch, or balcony. It makes your outdoor space look elegant and appealing. Wicker furniture comes in number of designs and colors to suit modern or contemporary interior, outdoor space, or poolside setting. So rest assured that the wicker furniture will meet your aesthetic and practical needs. Wicker furniture pieces are usually made of rattan and bamboo. It is flexible, lightweight, and worked into variety of styles. Wicker is basically a technique used for weaving certain materials into usable furniture.

Here is a rundown of some good reasons to have wicker furniture in your home.


Wicker furniture is highly durable and long-lasting; it can last for ages. Moreover, synthetic wicker is even more durable and comes in a variety of colors and styles, and it won’t break, rot, or split. It will look great in your home, and it’s worth the investment. Modern wicker furniture is treated with UV resistant resin and is made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements such as heat, moisture, or sunshine. They are easy to clean and maintain. The material used in manufacturing wicker is incredibly strong, and its durability and toughness increases when the material is woven into a frame.

Aesthetically Attractive:

It’s hard to distinguish between synthetic and natural wicker furniture, but synthetic is more durable and maintains its color and shape for longer time. Besides being durable, it’s also aesthetically appealing. Wicker furniture comes in many designs and decorative schemes to complement your outdoor space. Its woven intricacies can enhance any outdoor setting due to its grace and elegance. Therefore, it is the perfect option for your outdoor setting. Discover our range of wicker outdoor furniture from tables and chairs to loungers, sofa sets, and benches.


Choosing wicker pieces is also beneficial for the environment. Wicker furniture is typically made of eco-friendly materials such as willow or bamboo that are brilliant choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Rattan, bamboo and other natural materials are sustainable, and they are able to resist insects and fungus. Moreover, wicker pieces provide earthy look to your home.


Wicker furniture is loved for its versatility. That’s because all the pieces match and you can add more pieces or replace a few old ones with the new pieces depending on your needs. Wicker furniture is also available in modular form so you can move it to form different sitting arrangements for the number of guests or to suit the type of event. Its versatility enables you to form different configurations whenever your mood changes.


One of the prominent features of wicker furniture is that it’s affordable. Wicker furniture is a lot cheaper than timber hardwood furniture, saving you money for styling your outdoor spaces. They are not just cost-effective in terms of their selling price; they require low maintenance which means you will be spending less on their maintenance. Of course, you will waste more of your money if your expensive wood furniture gets damaged rather than the wicker one. Hence, you can get stylish wicker furniture at a price you can afford.

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