5 Essential Pet-Friendly Interior Tips For A Happy Life With Your Pets


Pet-Friendly Interior Tips

Humans’ standards of living are getting higher, so are the love and hope for a better life for our pets.As a pet owner, you would want to take a look at the following pet-friendly interior tips to make life more enjoyable for you and your darling furry friends.

Entertaining Space

Basically, your faithful puppy or kitty won’t be picky regardless of your house’s size as long as you and he can be together.

But it wouldn’t hurt either to clear out an area that is roomy enough to make an “amusement zone”. Space is dedicated to the bonding time between the two of you. Or, if you are busy, for your little bundle of energy to amuse himself (by chasing after a ball or hopping on the posts).

You could set up these kinds of a pet-friendly zone in your garage, a corner of your rooms, in the backyard or even you can search for the cheap dog kennels near me on the internet to get the best deals as It also contains a roof for providing shade to protect your dog from excess heat or rain. Dog kennels provide enough room to play or run.

Furry-Proof Paints

The walls are the next thing to invest, for cleaning them can be quite a pain in the neck. Wouldn’t you want to cut your pet’s long, sleek hair every time he unintentionally leaves some of it on your walls, now would you?

After all, it isn’t his fault when he tries to squeeze between your legs and the walls to welcome you home. Therefore, you should take this in mind and select the right paint (like satin or semi-gloss) to decorate your walls. Controlling your pet’s hair using proper grooming tools also reduces hair and prevents your home from becoming a furry mess.

Flooring and Rugs

This may as well be the most important aspect to consider. One of the pet-friendly interior tips is to limit the use of carpets as much as possible. For these soft materials are generally like big magnets to pet’s hairs, odors, and stains.

Keep in mind that because carpets and rugs are prone to adsorbing all the nasties this also makes them prone to spreading germs and even things like fleas can manifest over time. Of course we want to avoid this at all costs so it’s important to keep carpets well cleaned. For ways to prevent fleas check out here – top 10 ways to prevent fleas.

Particularly with pets such as birds, it is essential to have a hardwood floor beneath your bird’s large cage as the droppings can be easily cleaned off of these.

Instead, you can have trust in hard flooring. The ideal materials are often wood, brick, rock, etc., and each group has various options, too. For instance, for wood flooring, you can pick laminate, mahogany, or high-end linoleum, whereas the categories of the rocky group offer terrazzo, granite, and even ceramic.

All of these listed materials’ bright advantages are durable and easy to clean. However, wood is rather susceptible to scratches. So if you’re thinking of employing this kind of material but still don’t want to cut your pet’s claws, be sure to either apply a scratch-resistant or a heavy-duty finish on the wood surfaces or put on nail caps for him.

Otherwise, if you still insist on using carpet-floor, then make sure to choose one that is stain-resistant and made from non-toxic material. Better yet, you may find rugs perfect as they are easier to install (and dispose of), to wash, and most of all – more economically.

Seats’ Covers

Do you not habitually either pick your furry little darling up to sit beside you on the couch, or pat the vacant seat next to you and call him up there? Other times you usually see him already there waiting for you to come and sit by him.

The couch is one of your bonding places. Therefore, the seats need proper coverage with the right upholstery so that they won’t be fur-covered, and you two could enjoy your time sitting together.

Consider the matter carefully, for the fabrics selected to upholster shouldn’t be too delicate or prone to gather hair. That’s why you should say no to wool, velvet, corduroy and the like. And neither should you pick silk because this type of fabric is exceptionally fragile. Instead, leathers or Naugahyde is a wise choice due to its nature of hard-wearing, easy to clean, and simple to maintain.

Deco and Furniture

Of course, the blame can’t be wholly put on your little friend – as it’s partly yours, too – if he somehow knocks off your coffee mug or random objects around the house with his wagging/switching tail.

One of the causes may be you didn’t think of the day where he will become a permanent member of your household, and so purchased a too low coffee table, along with tangle-prone ointments or breakable household stuff. Why not invest in getting your pet its own furniture? Rested Paws have dog furniture like houses, kennels and gates and for cats too.

Dog Doors

Everyone loves to have the dog in the house and if you have one then you might already aware that your dog or pet required complete freedom to go out and in by them self in the house without having you. Well, a perfect dog doors for walls can really help and make your task easy during the winter. There are lots of other benefits of having a pet door or dog door in the wall.

But now that you know the cause, let’s employ some of the pet-friendly interior tips, which are to simply put the small, breakable items away, onto higher shells, or lock them in a china cabinet. Another method is that, if possible, you could replace the low furniture with higher ones, crystal glasses with metal or plastic cups, etc.

All in all, pet-friendly interior tips are many. You only have to exercise the right methods, and you’ll undoubtedly have a harmonious, joyful life together.

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