5 Top Benefits of New Energy Efficient Replacement Windows


Windows are valuable assets to homeowners but once their frames start cracking or rotting, or they become drafty, difficult to open or close, and easily fogged up, they turn into huge liabilities and need to be replaced. The growing trend in home improvement is to replace old windows with energy-efficient ones. Take a look at energy-efficient replacement windows online for the best deals, as they can be quite expensive to say the least, but the cost is well worth the countless benefits homeowners will reap from the purchase.

The following are the 5 top benefits of installing new energy-efficient replacement windows in your home.

Increased energy savings

Energy-efficient windows deliver on their eponymous promise to keep your home energy efficient at highly reduced costs. It’s important to know about the energy rating of your windows to ensure you’re keeping your energy costs as low as possible. They are designed to ensure that warm air (during the winter) or cold air (during the summer) do not leak out or escape. The room temperature is maintained at the desired level with zero energy loss. This invariably leads to a significant reduction in energy costs and a consequent increase in energy savings.

In addition, new windows are typically manufactured with low-E glass. Low-E is short for low-emissivity. Manufacturers coat this glass with a transparent coating that’s so thin that you can’t see it; however, it assists in helping the window be better able to reflect the harmful ultra-violet rays in the summertime. This means a more stable temperature inside the home.

Improved comfort

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Specially-coated energy-efficient windows offer increased comfort all year round regardless of the season. In summer, the windows block and reflect a significant portion of the sun’s rays to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable, and in winter, they provide thermal efficiency by trapping the heat inside the room. This insulating attribute of energy-efficient windows, coupled with the absence of drafts and cold spots, provide a whole new level of comfort for you and your family.

Protection of household items

The ability to deflect damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun is one of the key advantages of energy-efficient windows. When curtains, carpets, furniture, photographs, and even floors are exposed to UV rays for a long time, they begin to fade. Energy-efficient windows help to protect your home from these harmful rays and by so doing, preserve the quality of household items.

Increased home value

Everyone wants the best value for their money even more so potential home buyers. A house boasting energy-efficient windows would always get picked up faster than a home with traditional windows, regardless of the price difference. Energy-efficient windows massively enhance the curb appeal of your home and convey a sense of security, safety and comfort to potential buyers. A large portion of the money spent on energy-efficient replacement windows can be recouped once the house is placed on the market. Simply put, investing in energy-efficient replacement windows guarantees a satisfactory return on investment. However, you need to make sure that you get them from the right company such as Zen Windows, which offers replacement windows in Austin TX.

Installing new, energy-efficient replacement windows sends the following cues to potential home buyers:

  • The home has been well-maintained.
  • The curb appeal is charming.
  • It’s a move-in-ready home.
  • They are receiving the added value of new windows.
  • Their presumed energy bills will be lower.
  • They won’t need to lay out cash for new windows anytime soon.

These factors reassure potential home buyers. This could be the determining factor that sets your home apart from the rest.

Easy to clean and maintain

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Modern energy-efficient windows offer homeowners the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance otherwise unavailable with traditional windows. These modern windows can be tilted inward and as such, easily cleaned from the inside of the house. Unlike the wooden frames of traditional windows that must be regularly maintained to prevent rot, modern windows are designed with vinyl frames which require little to no maintenance.


Investing in energy-efficient replacement windows can be a costly venture for homeowners. However, the safety and comfort of your home, a drastic reduction in energy bills, the protection of household valuables, absence of maintenance costs, and other accruing benefits ensure that this wise investment pays both in the short and long run.

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