5 Creative Children’s Rooms You Can Create Today

A child’s room is one of the most important areas to concentrate on when children are becoming not only aware of their surroundings but starting to interact with them as well. Therefore, it is highly important to design a child’s room to be both welcoming and efficient. Studies have shown that a child’s surroundings, especially those of a room, can significantly affect the way a child develops. The following are our top five child room designs that you can start creating right now as well as some tips and tricks to help your child maintain the organization of their room.

The Library Room

The Library Room

Reading is one of the most important skills a child can develop, and the earlier the better. Therefore many parents are opting into creating a child’s version of a library masked as a child’s bedroom. Adding in some comfy pillows on the floor, a few fluffy clouds as the wall paint, and secret compartments at ground level for all their toys will no doubt take your library room to the next level. The library room will help create a stronger bond between you and your child as every night you can help them explore a new area of the world through books. In addition, this will also aid in teaching the importance of organization. You and your child can work together to learn about organizing books by genre, author, or simply in alphabetical order. This style of the room is beneficial to a child’s sense of responsibility in other areas of their life such as taking their SmartyPants Vitamins or making sure that they clean up after a spill.

The All-In-One Room

Children have no doubt an incredible imagination; therefore, what might be fun for one second may be boring to them the next. Creating an All-In-One room can help detour boredom as well as complacency. One can achieve this by giving furniture in their room multiple purposes. For instance, a little girl who’s just discovering the wonders of playing makeup or having tea parties can benefit from a corner station. This station may have a wide surface area for painting, tea parties, etc. and a little mirror for them when they play dress up.

The Playroom/Bedroom Design

The Playroom Bedroom Design
We all want the best for our children; admittingly it’s tough when you want to give them not only a playroom but their own bedroom. However, many of us simply do not have enough rooms to make this possible. Introducing the playroom/bedroom, and, no, this isn’t simply throwing in some toys into a chest and calling it a day. An efficient playroom/bedroom can be done if properly executed. This involves giving your child a large area to play with. This can be done by utilizing the bed as not only to sleep but also to place a child’s clothing and or shoes. Many beds today are fitted with compartments at the bottom of their frames. If those are a little too out of your price range, consider investing in portable compartments which can be bought at almost any big box store.

The Shared Room Design

As stated before, most families simply do not have the room within their homes to create playrooms and at times give each child their own separate bedroom. If you’re in this situation, we have some good news. An efficient and fun conjoined room is very possible. In addition, it will help your children understand the importance of keeping things clean as shared rooms can quickly become cluttered with two people’s worth of clothing and toys. The trick to a shared room is the creation of a perfectly symmetrical design. This essentially means providing the same amount of room for each child and utilizing the space that is left for storage.

The Art Studio Room

The Art Studio Room
Young children see the world in such a vastly different way than us adults, therefore, providing them a room in which they can express these creative skills can aid not only in the development of their cognitive skills but allow them to make their room truly theirs. So, what can you do to create such a room without promoting the act of writing on the walls? One simple way is to add a chalkboard to the room walls that is understood by the child as the only area they can write on. Another route you can take is to have a section of the wall that you and your child can paint together.

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