How to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

As spring finally arrives, now is the time to focus on a good spring clean, eliminating the cobwebs and dust of the dark winter to make way for fresh air, sunshine, and warmer days. As part of this, many homeowners choose this time of year to redecorate, spruce up tired paintwork, or give their home a total overhaul. Here are some easy ways to freshen up your home for spring, and to get prepared to enjoy your new space!

Get Down And Dirty

Get Down And Dirty

The easiest way to get your space feeling brand new is to complete a good old fashioned spring clean. This involved moving furniture, scrubbing skirting boards, and cleaning windows inside and out. To help tackle the task, it is a good idea to divide the jobs into manageable sections, such as cleaning a room at a time or completing a particular job. This means it is less overwhelming, and that you are far more likely to finish—or start!

Freshen Up The Paintwork

As well as cleaning, spring can be a great time to bring new life to your paintwork. No matter how contemporary and attractive our color scheme, paint inevitably looks tired and dull after a few years, and a fresh coat can really bring a new lease of life. If this is not your top skill set, get in touch with a professional, such as Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors, who will have your rooms looking brand new in no time!

Time To Declutter

Time To Declutter
Your spring transformation is also an ideal time to do some serious decluttering. All of the things which are broken, unwanted, mismatched or you are just not in love with can all go to make way for space and new items. This is the ideal opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and create space and movement within your home—you will be surprised at how much more free and light your space feels when it is not weighed down with unwanted clutter.

At One With Nature

Bringing the outside indoors is a great way to bring a fresh new feel to your home. Add in plants to help purify the air and lift your mood, create valuable space and transform your living areas into a natural oasis of calm. Plants can also be useful for adding a splash of color to any room, and you can experiment with different pots and containers to add unusual and unique shapes and designs. Just be careful to make sure that any plants are safe for your pets if you have any—do your research to keep all your family members safe.

Don’t Forget Your Garden

Don’t Forget Your Garden
As well as adding plants inside, take the time to sort out your yard to allow you to enjoy your outside space through the summer months. Rearrange furniture to avoid bald grass, get your beds in order, and start creating a relaxing outdoor area to socialize and spend time with friends and family when the weather turns warmer.

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