5 Cool Tricks You Can Pull While You Play the Solitaire Game


Most games add their spice by having interesting tricks that can be pulled right off the hat. Solitaire card games are no different. They have plenty of wiles some as old as the game itself. As it evolves, so do new ploys, inventions, and discoveries. This is also supported by many new versions of this game created that have modified rules and thus more tips to win. In this post, let’s observe some of the most common clues to apply.

6 Ways to Improve Your Solitaire Performance

Yes, the rules of Solitaire are simple. The only goal in most variations of this game is to move all the cards from the stock and tableau to the foundation area creating a certain number of piles in which the cards are arranged in a specific order. Still, the game is a little more complicated when you start playing it, so remember to make use of the techniques provided below to win easier.

Solitaire Game1

1. Play aces and twos

Once you position yourself with the intention of bringing down your opponent in the game of Solitaire, waste no time and start building foundation piles as soon as you can. Be keen to use up your aces and twos at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, they will not be helpful as the game advances but will serve to weigh you down.

2. Draw your card from the deck for your first move

Be calculative, know your agenda, and be objective. This is to make the four piles in accordance with suits in the foundations. Make it easy for you to see as many cards as possible by stacking them efficiently because visibility is key to gaining victory in classic Solitaire. Fetching the card from the deck gives you this ability and leads to success.

3. Be wary of open spaces

Never leave a space empty unless you have a King to fill it up; keep all your columns occupied. Just like in life, do not allow a vacuum. This requires the skills to create different strategies to ensure your tableau won’t have empty cells with no purpose.

Solitaire Game2

4. Treat the King with respect

In the Solitaire Masters online game, the card with the most authority is the King. Think ahead when deciding to move it and if there are more than one of them available, use that King that has more related cards face-up and thus can reveal more new cards for you in several moves.

5. Use up the cards from the stock

These are the cards facing downwards and which can obscure your vision. Remember to utilize those from stack to reveal as many cards on the layout as possible. This is akin to clearing your windscreen for a better view of whatever is happening.


There are so many versions of free Solitaire but most of them have common rules. So, these clues are suitable for different variants of this game and will allow you to play Solitaire with pleasure at the same time separating you from novices. Even if you are a seasoned player, it is never too late to learn a new trick!

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