5 Cleaning Resolutions for The New Year

Every new year comes with a lot of expectations. People resolve to hit the gym to get that dream body; others think about how to improve their finances, attitude, and many other things. One thing that people who are obsessed with cleanliness never keep out of their resolution list is cleaning. No matter how well you maintain your home, it will be great if you can make it better with each passing year. Here are some resolutions to improve your home in the new year.

Make your home safe

Make your home safe

A safe home is vital especially if you have kids at home. Your new year resolutions should include making your home safe for everyone. One of the hazards you should check your home for is radon. This odorless gas is harmful and has caused several cases of lung cancer. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that this gas accounts for about 21,000 lung cancer death cases each year.

There are test kits to help you to check this gas in your home. The test kit costs less than $20. You should also check for the presence of carbon monoxide in your home. You can reduce the amount of these harmful gases from your home to keep you and your family safe. Get in touch with any residential cleaning services Boston to implement your new year resolution perfectly.

Bring fresh flowers to the home

If your resolution includes keeping the air in your home fresh and clean, you should think about bringing fresh flowers to your home. They are inexpensive, and they also make your home more attractive.

Label your items

If you have a hard time finding certain things in your home, it is about time you do things differently. First of all, you need to put similar stuffs in one place. Then you label it to ensure that you quickly find them. For instance, you can put all your cutlery, knives, whiskers, and other similar items in one drawer. You can also keep all your napkins, sponges, and dishcloths into one drawer. Your flat plates should be together.

Make cleaning fun

Make cleaning fun
If you hate cleaning, then you can resolve to find ways to make your cleaning fun. It is possible to enjoy your cleaning process; it all depends on how you do it. You can listen to that new track while cleaning. Or listen to your favorite podcast. You can also make cleaning competitive among the members of your household. There are certain things you can also do while watching your favorite TV show. If you make your cleaning process fun, you will finish it without even realizing it.

Set a cleaning schedule

A schedule keeps you on track. You cannot do everything in a day, but you need to do one or two things in a day. Regular cleaning makes your house cleaner and it also not tough on you. For instance, you can schedule to clean all surfaces including tables, sinks, and counters on Monday. Take the trash out on Tuesdays, clean the bathroom on Wednesday, Tidy the kitchen and clean the fridge on Thursday, vacuum on Friday, do the laundry on Saturday, and something else on Sunday.

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