How to Make a 3-D Model of Your Kitchen Renovation Vision

If you are a creative soul who pens interest in hoarding home improvement dreams then this article is perfect for you. Many people really want to get to see the model of their dream house but they fail to even begin with the process due to no proper guideline. Even getting started appears a very tough job as there are no instructions across. But don’t crease your forehead as this article has got you covered. This article will guide with a floor plan which is great for any beginner to achieve. If you are looking for professional services then you will want to hire someone who has master the craft. Hired professionals will help you with ideal blueprints. But if you just want to experiment with different ideas and finalize what floats your boat then this article has got you covered. There are only two skills needed prior to getting started. You just need to know how to make use of tape measure and art of dragging the different object over to the computer screen. We are sure that you own those important skills, so let us get started.

Measurement in kitchen renovation

Measurement in kitchen renovation

First of all in kitchen renovation, just get started with taking down the dimensions. You need to take the measurement of the room properly. If you truly want to recreate the space then you have to be good at taking all the required measurements. If you don’t want to handle the tape manually and you are geek or app lover then google app is best for you. Just install it measures app which is for free and gets started with the process. Be really particular in measuring every dimension like the depth, width, and length. If you are aiming to place certain items like different furniture in the space of your renovation then it is really vital for you to get their dimensions too. Now you must be wondering that what if you need to buy the appliances or the furniture are already not present. Well, don’t worry just browses through the internet and see the specifications provided by the kitchen renovation manufacturers.


Now here comes the task of choosing software for the procedure. Well, there are several of them at different prices. You can go for Way fair ideally as it is very easy to virtualize stuff with it. You can choose any software which falls under your budget. If you are wondering how to use the software as mostly the tutorials are not available online then trust the manual. The user guide of the software is really comprehensive and they provide detailed steps with applications.

Mapping for kitchen renovation

Mapping for kitchen renovation
Now you need to construct a grid of squares which shows meters. The scale model can really help you in creating the walls of the doors and rooms. After mapping the room you need to fill the interiors with the selected furniture. You can drag the common items like sofas and tables from the tab of the software. It will offer you models of common stuff for kitchen renovation. But if you need greater customization freedom then you will have to buy the models.

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