4 Modern Services Every Bank Should Provide

Back in the day, a bank was a place to deposit money. The most anyone expected from a bank was a walk-up teller, a checking account or if they were fortunate, approval for a loan. These days, things have changed. Especially for modern military families that move frequently, modern banking features are a must. Here are four to look for.

Mobile Banking App or Website

These days, mobile phones are more like mini computers, and it’s impossible to imagine modern life without them. Mobile banking, either through a dedicated mobile banking app or through a mobile-enabled encrypted website, allows account holders to conduct nearly all their banking business wherever they are. With mobile banking, it’s possible to reconcile accounts, deposit checks or conduct other banking business without ever setting foot in a bank.

Online Bill Pay


Paying bills by mail can be a real hassle. Even if the bill comes with its on envelope, most times it’s still necessary to purchase a stamp. Then the bill must be mailed. And when the bill gets lost in the mail or just plain forgotten, late fees can pile up fast. Online bill pay eliminates that entire process. With a few clicks, bills can be paid immediately. It is also possible to schedule online bill payments to occur automatically each month.

Direct Deposit

Standing in line on Friday afternoon to cash or deposit paychecks used to be a time-honored tradition. Alternatively, waiting by the mailbox for a check was often nerve wracking, especially when the mail was late. With direct deposit, the Friday afternoon paycheck queue is a thing of the past. Lost checks are a forgotten memory. In fact, with direct deposit, payments often post faster to bank accounts than deposits made with paper checks. No wonder more than 80 percent of employees in the United States are paid through direct deposit.

Credit Card With Points


Today, it’s not enough for a credit card to allow cardholders to buy now, pay later. Points and other rewards for using the card are a must-have feature. The best credit cards offer points for dining out and buying basics such as groceries – points for all transactions represent one way for credit card companies to recognize loyal users and reward those users for their loyalty. USAA provides a generous credit card rewards program, with bonus points offered for activities such as dining out or filling up the car with gas. Best of all, those points never expire.

Choosing the Right Bank

With so many banks on the market, there is no reason for anyone to settle for one that doesn’t offer modern features or conveniences. Among the most useful modern features are mobile banking, online bill pay, direct deposit and credit cards with unlimited points rewarded for using them. Challenger banks like Monzo provide modern business bank accounts with all of these features. These features provide individuals and families with the flexibility they need to get paid quicker, pay bills in a timely manner, manage their finances from anywhere and access a little extra cash.

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