7 Quick Tips to Repair Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioner repairs are mostly seasonal. Usually, this type of device tends to break down in the hot months, when you use it the most. Therefore for most of the year, it usually stays off, a fact that makes a thorough inspection essential when you are going to turn it on again.

Air conditioning problems are very common. The most common causes that can cause faults in the system are continued misuse or long months of inactivity.

How do you detect the failure of an air conditioning unit?

According to Alco Air Conditioning, an air conditioner shows various symptoms to indicate that there is something wrong with your system. Here is how you will analyze the signs that indicate that there is a problem with your air conditioning and seven quick tips to repair your unit.

Common breakdowns of air conditioners

Air conditioning repairs usually originate from the following breakdowns.

Filter Wear

The quality of the air that your air conditioning expels depends on the state of the filters. If you keep the filters in good condition, the air you breathe in your house will be of good quality.

A clear effect of the poor condition of the filters are odors; it may be that the air conditioning emits a bad smell (or even a burning smell). Another effect is the decrease in the production of cold, and therefore, the appliance will have to invest more energy to function.

How to repair it?

If the filter is not damaged, simply remove it from the indoor unit and wash them with water or replace them completely. Once they are dry, you can put them back in place. With the filters free of dirt, you will enjoy clean air again and you will be avoiding more serious breakdowns.



Air filters in poor conditions can be the cause of bad smells, but there are also other reasons that cause bad smells, such as the water accumulated in the battery. This problem usually occurs after months of inactivity, in which the water has remained stagnant, and like stagnant water, the smell is unpleasant.

How to repair it?

If the water or the drainage system generates bad smells, it is necessary to contact an installation technician since you cannot carry out this repair yourself. Sometimes it will be necessary to install a siphon so that the water circulates normally.

Drop-in Cold Productivity

Drop in cold air is another sign that tells us that our air conditioning needs repair. Sometimes the air apparatus loses power, and therefore does not cool at the usual speed or directly fails to generate the temperature that you are seeking. If this happens to you regularly, it’s recommended that you check the filters. But if you think this is not the problem, maybe the fault is in the circuit, a small problem can cause you to lose gas or coolant. It may also be that the fault has occurred in the fan motor.

How to repair it?

In this case, it must be a technician who thoroughly analyzes the condition of all the elements of the air conditioning. If you think the problem is with the filters, you can clean them and try the device again. But if the fault is located in any element of the system, it will be essential that you contact a repair company.

Excessive Noise

Sometimes the air conditioner works normally, but it generates a much higher noise than it usually does. This can be due to the lack of gas or oil since the lack of some of these elements causes noise in the internal part of the air conditioning, or the appearance of some residue in the engine.

How to repair it?

Whether it is necessary to change the gas or oil, or if there is dirt on the engine, the services of a technical repairman will be necessary to determine the source of the noise and repair it immediately.

Sensor problems

Behind the control panel is a sensor that measures the air temperature. The main reason for failure in this sensor is usually due to the displacement of the part itself.

How to repair it?

To repair it, it will be essential to reinstall the control sensor correctly. For this, it will be necessary to contact a repair technician.


The Unit Turns Off and On By Itself

Another recurring case, the air conditioner turns off and on without being able to control it and without warning. The accumulation of dirt in the evaporation unit or in the fan is usually one of the causes of this failure.

How to repair it?

As they are internal parts, a technician capable of performing a deep cleaning without damaging other parts will be required.

Tools Needed for Repairs

As you can see, some of the simplest repairs in an air conditioning can be carried out by yourself, yes, to do them you will need the following tools:


Usually, the parts are usually fixed with tabs, and therefore it is not necessary to unscrew parts, but sometimes a slight lever force must be used to access the interior part of the air conditioning unit.


Wear gloves and, if necessary, a mask. Inside the device, mites and other harmful elements such as dust tend to accumulate.


For more complex jobs, use needle-nose pliers.

Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service


Both for electrical repairs and for any failure of the cooling system it is essential to contact a technical repair team.

In general, it is always advisable to contact a person who knows the use, maintenance and repair of such a system, so that the air conditioning arrangements are durable and adapted to each model. Each manufacturer starts from a common system, but all the models have their own characteristics, an experienced technician will be able to identify the problem and carry out a solution adapted to the model and the brand.

Any problem not related to filters should be analyzed by an expert. On the other hand, the filters are prepared so that the user can manipulate them without danger, in addition their cleaning is very simple, you must wash them with water to remove the dirt.

Finally, don’t forget to check if the appliance’s warranty is valid. If there is a fault during the first weeks or months after the installation of the air conditioner, the manufacturer or installer should take care of the repair, as a failure could have occurred in the installation or manufacture of the air conditioner.

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