4 Ideas for Small Apartment Improvement!



Did you catch yourself looking around your small apartment and feeling dissatisfied with how it all looks? Perhaps you’re looking for a new place and can’t afford spaciousness. The lack of fewer square feet might make you hopeless about your living situation.

However, tiny apartments still leave a lot of doors open for intelligent redecoration. All it takes is some dedication and creativity. So, don’t give up on your ideas and follow a bit of advice from UMoveFree, continuing to review listings for ideas. 

You can make it work – let’s explore the best ways to do it. 

#1: Lots of Light 

Rich, dark colors make living spaces feel small. You’re looking to move in the opposite direction.


You might be a fan of warm colors and want to express your preference through interior decor. You can still do it, but don’t paint a full wall in your favorite darker shade.

Cool, lighter tones give your home an airy, open look. Plus, going for neutrals leaves more room for experimenting with details since you don’t have to coordinate every accessory to match the walls. 

Discrete Lighting

With paint out of the way, it’s time to consider your light sources. Well-lit rooms seem expansive and inviting. When you’re dealing with limited space, though, floor and table lamps add more clutter than much-desired brightness into your apartment.

An excellent way to work around this is by replacing your traditional ceiling sources with hidden or track lighting. That way, the light goes in multiple directions, ensuring even distribution and eliminating shady areas.

A Skylight

Windows are a go-to for natural light, but skylights take it a step further. Plus, a sky view instantly expands the space and does wonders in terms of design. 


#2: Smarter Storage

If you’ve been living in your apartment for a long time, you likely worked your way around storage issues. However, if it feels cluttered, it might be time for a new, improved solution. 

Dual-Duty Furniture

Every inch counts in a small space. Investing in double-duty furniture that lets you store your possessions while performing its primary purpose allows you to make the most of the room you have.

While picking a double-purpose bed or ottoman, make sure the aesthetics match the rest of your room. 

Vertical Storage

If you still find it hard to make room for all your items, try thinking vertically. Tall and narrow closets and shelves are ideal for making the most out of a small amount of space. Another option is to install overhead racks for items you want to display.


#3: Open Space

This one is a bit more extreme, but taking down a wall between separate rooms, the kitchen and the living room, for example, opens up and visually expands your area. Connecting them into one makes both appear less constricted and lets you play around with creative furniture placement.

However, removing a wall is quite a feat if you’re not in the business already, so it’ll take some preparations. You might have to consult an expert, but such a task can do wonders for growing your entertainment area. 

#4: Curves and Layers

Most apartments are box-shaped. While sharp angles work well for big, minimalist homes, they’re the enemies of tiny rooms. You can add some curves with furniture and accessories, making things look less monotone, softer, and cozier. 

Another apartment idea that makes the apartment look more inviting and less claustrophobic revolves around adding depth. Layering is your best friend in this scenario. 

Shadow boxes are excellent when hung on the wall, while thick rugs add an air of luxury to everyday wooden floors, for instance. Pillows on the sofa promote a comfortable design that anybody can get behind. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to add more to confined space, such design decisions make the entire apartment seem more spacious. Think about it – depth ensures there are several layers for the eye to take in.


Increase Perceived Spaciousness

Even if your current or future home is small, it doesn’t have to feel restrictive. Choose the right home improvement projects to focus on, and the strategic design can make your space feel bigger and more inviting.

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