4 Effective Essential Oils which Drive Pests Away from Your Home

During the past decade, the amount of pests in human surroundings has spiked due to the increase in population which has to lead to many food wastes that attract pests. Therefore, infestations have become a major problem and we are trying to combat them using natural remedies derived from plants. For decades we have held on to the thought that plants are preyed upon by pests. Pests exist everywhere on the planet, but pesticides are not available everywhere. How do plants avoid pests without pesticides? That’s an intriguing thought.

Studies have shown that pests tend to avoid certain plants due to their odor. Derivatives of these plants are also used to make essential oils that carry over their natural pest repelling properties. These plants and the natural oils derived from them act as natural pesticides as pests tend to keep their distance from them. The odor of these plants and essential oils helps in keeping other plants around them pest-free. This property has been harnessed by many home-pesticide manufacturing companies, such as MDX Concepts, for making 100% natural and chemical-free pesticides. They act as the best non-toxic all-natural pest repellents. The list of plants which shoo pests away are:

Cinnamon Oil

Essential oils derived from cinnamon have one of the most versatile properties. Apart from acting as an environmentally friendly pesticide, cinnamon oil also acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant. Cinnamon oil is derived from the bark of cinnamon which can be grown in your backyard.
Cinnamon Oil

Spearmint and Peppermint oil

The mint family of bushes consists of peppermint, spearmint, citrus mint and such other plants which are used as the base for many essentials oils. Mints are so potent that rubbing it around your body should be enough to deter pests. One property which they all have in common is mentha, which is effective against insects and flies.

Rosemary oil

Essential oils based on rosemary are commonly used to deter pests and give your home an aromatic smell. Rosemary oil is the main ingredient found in most bouquet garni due to its aromatic properties. Rosemary oil also keeps many flies away as it gives out a strong scent.

Cedarwood Oil

The essential oil derived from cedarwood has many helpful properties. Cedarwood oil, apart from deterring mosquitoes and other pests that harm you and your family, also works as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cedarwood oil also has multiple health benefits.

Chemical-free pest control by MDX Concepts

Chemical-free pest control by MDX Concepts
Dementious earth has been the most used natural pest repellent so far but leaving dirt around your house, looks bad aesthetically, it also gets blown away by the wind and could get very messy quickly. Essential oils have become the main way to repel pests in our contemporary age. Products such as the Magma Home Pest Spray by MDX Concepts is one of the more feasible product to use during our time. If you do not have the time or space to keep a plant in your home Magma Home Pest Spray is the best way to go about solving your pest problem. The spray contains derivatives from plants that are natural pest repellents and has squeezed their essence into one bottle.

Using chemical pesticides causes more damage than the pests themselves and in order to protect our environment, it is with everyone’s best interest to use natural products.

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