3 Questions You Need to ask Before Buying any Home Fire Security System


Home Fire Security System

If you’re considering having a safe fire security alarm system installed in your home then this article is for you. Keeping our home safe and protected is one of the most important roles of having a good fire alarm system. The fact that no single system can fit all as every property is different, homeowners should make an informed decision to get the most reliable fire and security possible for your investment –but how?

Is the installation company licensed and accredited to install and monitor fire security systems?

First things first – before deciding to install a fire alarm system or any burglar alarm system to your home, you need to choose the “right” company. By “right” I mean, a company that is reputable and trustworthy. Never assume that just because someone is selling you a security system, it means they are registered and licensed to do so legally.

Ask this question straight to every home security approach and should be able to answer and show the licensing proof in person or even online. Always do backgrounds check and research about company’s credibility and service.

They should offer these following essential security procedures and measures such as:

  • Certified electricians to wire your system
  • Security clearances for all the employees of the property and background checks
  • Must be fully bonded
  • Support errors, liability, and insurance on commission
  • Written guarantee on the security system of your home

In this way, you can ensure that the installation will be effective without worries. Don’t forget to check if you need to have a permit, if you’re charged for false alarms and if you can get a discount based on your home insurance.

What is the best type of smoke alarm or fire security system for my house?

Once you have the trust and comfort that the installation company could let you make the most out of the security system, it’s time for you to choose the best and suitable system for your home – particularly smoke and heat alarms.
Here are some types that should suit your home security and protection requirements:

Ionisation smoke alarms

This type is best for dustier areas like lofts or any area where people smoke like rooms or bathrooms. However, they shouldn’t be placed too near to the kitchens because of false fire alarms.

Optical smoke alarms

Installing smoke alarm

Photoelectric alarms use light sensors and infra-red LED that pulses beam of light and detect larger smoke particles from fires; great for any areas in your home except on the dust or steamy areas.

Heat or Thermal alarms

Kitchen fire
Heat alarms work like smoke alarms. As the name implies, it is triggered by hot air or heat specifically when it reaches over 58 degree Celsius or fire. Best for garages and kitchens but they can be slower to respond compared to smoke alarms

What kind of costs is involved with the installation of fire security system?

Installing fire protection system requires an upfront investment. Unfortunately, there is no direct and accurate answer on how much will it cost to install the system. Comparing prices can be difficult with systems as the increasing number of companies that offer discounts on the installation including the equipment cost continues.

The company should be able to let you know the typical price or installation costs for an average sized home, whether owning or renting the system for a monthly/yearly fee. Additionally, you should also identify the additional costs.


By asking these important questions before deciding to purchase and install an effective fire security system should increase your chances of being satisfied and gives you a peace of mind using your new system.
Choosing the best installation company that is licensed and trustworthy will play as a contributing factor the effectiveness of the system on keeping your home safe and protected.

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