The Pros and Cons Of Robotic Cleaners For Your Home


Technology plays a significant part in people’s daily lives. It is continuously helping in making life more comfortable. Because of technological developments, almost everything is automated. Even household chores are much easier to do because of technologically enhanced home appliances.

What was once a fictional figure from the cartoon series “The Jetsons,” robotic cleaners are now a reality. Robotic cleaners are programmed to be controlled manually by a remote control or self-automated. This compact vacuum cleaner automatically cleans the floor on its own. But not everyone is into change as much as other are. Maybe the robotic vacuum may not be what everyone is after. With this being said, everyone has their own personal taste, so choose whatever meets your requirements.

Pros of Robotic Cleaners

The sound of an automatic robot vacuum cleaner sounds promising, especially for those who have limited time to clean their homes. Having a robotic cleaner has its benefits such as:

  • Less noise. Compared to old vacuum cleaner models, robotic cleaners are less noisy. These new designs emit minimal to no loud sounds that makes it ideal for those who want to maintain the serenity of their homes.
  • More convenient. This type of cleaners provides convenience for its users. It saves you time and effort when it comes to cleaning your home. The robotic cleaner will do the job for you. It can even reach and clean hard-to-reach areas such as under the bed, cabinet, sofa, and other large furniture.
  • Scheduled cleaning. Robot cleaners are programmable making it easier for the owners to create a cleaning schedule that is convenient for them. You can schedule it to run on some days and to switch on and off at a specific time.
  • Thorough cleaning. The robot vacuum will help prevent the accumulation of dust bunnies under your bed, sofa, or other furniture. Manual sweeping is not as effective because it can leave dust and dirt behind.
  • Compact design. Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, robotic cleaners are easy to store because of their small design. It takes up little space, making it easy to pack away.
  • Dual function. Some robot cleaners have a built-in mapping function. This setting enables you to use your cleaner as a mop. It is also ideal for floors that require vacuuming and mopping.

Cons of Robotic Cleaners

Although robotic cleaners have many benefits, they also have their downside. Robot cleaners have limitations such as:

  • Robot cleaners are expensive. Because they are automated and considered as a new type of technology, robot cleaners can be quite pricey. Compared to conventional vacuum cleaners, this type of vacuum can cost between $280 up to $900.
  • They are only suitable for flat surfaces. This type of cleaner is just ideal for flat and leveled surfaces. You cannot place the robot vacuum cleaner on a staircase or an uneven floor because it will tumble. This feature limits the capability of the vacuum to clean other areas.
  • They have limited cleaning functions. Since robotic cleaners are only suitable for leveled surfaces, it cannot reach high areas such as the ceiling and the walls. If you want to clean and vacuum said areas, you need to do it yourself using a traditional vacuum.
  • They are not fuss-free. These cleaners may be compact, but so are their dustbins. You need to empty them as soon as they are done with their work to prevent the dustbins from overflowing.
  • They will suck in anything. If you own a robot cleaner, you should vacuum proof your home. The robotic cleaner will suck in anything – coins, socks, your child’s toy, and anything that can fit into its suction.

In Conclusion

Although it may sound promising, automation can also limit an appliance’s capacity. If you are planning on purchasing robotic cleaners for your home, you need to weigh in the pros and cons. Assess your needs and requirements when it comes to cleaning your house.

A robotic cleaner is only ideal for vacuuming the floor. Therefore, if your physical condition prevents you from cleaning your house yourself, then this automated vacuum is for you. However, if you need a cleaner for your ceilings and walls, this type of vacuum may not meet your needs.

Kyle Ritchie is a do-it-yourself enthusiast who writes for Best Vacuum Resource with topics related to automation. He likes to share his passion for home improvement to his readers and loves to play baseball with his sons in his free time.

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