3 Predominant Issues That Home Inspectors Look For In a Home

Most real estate contracts come with a home inspection eventuality that enables the buyer to negotiate their offer, back out of a sale entirely or to request repairs before purchasing a home. No house is perfect, and most home inspections will come back with a list of issues.

What Does Home Inspectors Look For?

The checklist of a home inspector is remarkably thorough, and a home inspection is primarily done to ensure a house is safe. Home inspectors look for anything that looks unsafe, deficient or near of its service life, or that is malfunctioning. There are various major issues that could influence the outcome of a sale or result in the buyer hesitating once they have received a home inspection report. Some problems are labor-intensive to repair and might pose safety risks and impact the functionality of the home. Here are three predominant issues that a home inspector looks for and if found, might influence the property sale.

1. Water Damage

Once water seeps into a home’s vicinity, it can result in a range of substantial issues. Water in a basement could be an indication of structural damage, plumbing issues or roof leaks that can cause water stains on the ceilings and walls. When water damage is overlooked during a home inspection in Indianapolis, mold can start forming and possibly make the environment contaminated. In minor instances of mold or water damage, the homeowner can offer the buyer a credit to compensate for repairs instead of having to fix it themselves. This can be negotiated after an inspection report has come back. If the inspector reports any signs of serious water damage in your house or the buyer asks that the damage is repaired prior to the sale, a professional must be hired to investigate immediately.


2. The Structural Integrity Of A Home

Foundations should be designed to remain in one place, however, over time, water can result in the soil surrounding the foundation walls to start expanding. Once the water seeps away, the soil withers and the foundation start to settle, resulting in pathways and cracks for water to infiltrate the structure. When structural problems are left unattended, it could result in more extensive damage to the home and potential safety issues. Here are some methods to tell if your house begun to settle or if the structure is somehow compromised:

  • Cracks around the door frames or in the basement.
  • Bumpy or uneven floors.
  • Gaps between floors and walls.
  • Nails coming out of the walls.
  • Cracks appearing in stonework or bricks.
  • Leaning stairs or front porch.
  • Gaps around the door frames or windows.
  • A leaning or cracked chimney.

3. Damage To The Home’s Roof

A sturdy roof is a requirement for protecting the home from weather conditions, therefore a roof will substantially affect the sale price of any home. Roofs can last up to twenty-five years;however,it is useful for homeowners to have their roof inspected once yearly. A roof that is deteriorating can result in more severe issues such as leaks in your ceiling or a pest infestation and buyers will factor this in when negotiating the price.


Things that might be an indication of a roof that necessitates repairs or replacement:

  • Missing or loose shingles.
  • Curled or buckled looking shingles.
  • Rust or cracks appearing on flashing.
  • Loss of texture on the shingles.
  • Moisture in the ceiling or attic.
  • Substantial algae growth.

Unevenness or soft areas.

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