Pool Maintenance Tips Every Pool Owner Needs To Know


Pool Maintenance

Who does not want a sparkling and refreshing pool in their yard? It’s exciting to dive deep into the water for a splash party or to relax in a pool deck on a sunny day, but your plans never fall in line unless you do some regular pool maintenance.

Though most people think just changing water does the trick, it’s never a perfect or all-encompassing solution. Being a pool owner, you must know the basics of pool maintenance. Below are some of the most effective pool maintenance tips.

1. Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you are a couch potato or are simply running out of time before your next pool party, this is the perfect solution for you. This is an expensive option, but robotic pool cleaners give you the most effortless cleaning within 2 to 3 hours.

These machines operate with cyclonic vacuum technology, and they feature a surface control system, so it can easily climb and clean walls, steps, and the waterline. Furthermore, they have a Push’N’Go filter canister and a transparent window to see whether or not the basket is full. To find more, you can check Polaris P825 Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner Review.

2. Check Your Pool Chemistry

Check Your Pool Chemistry

It is best if you check the pool chemistry at least once per week, meaning that you should check the water PH in your pool. It should be between 7.2 to 7.8. A lower pH indicates that a lower amount of chlorine is needed to keep the water clean.

Chlorine activity decreases as the PH rises. If the chlorine activity is 50% at pH 7, this activity falls to 10% when the pH rises to 8. So, try to control the pH in order to minimize the times you need to use chlorine.

3. Weekly Cleaning of Skimmer Basket

Most people install a skimmer basket at the corner or at the side of their pool. Before debris and contaminants become saturated at the bottom of the pool, it skims the surface of the pool.

An effective skimmer helps keep the pool surface clean enough to find sun rays shining down to the bottom of the pool. You should find a round access panel on the pool’s deck. That’s a skimmer basket. Just open the basket and clean things out of it at least once a week.

4. Keep an Eye on the Water Level

You need to maintain the right water level for the optimal result and performance of the pool filtration system. It can either be at the center level of the pool skimmer or it should touch the halfway mark of the pool wall.

When the water level is too high, the skimmer door may not function properly. A low water level can dry the pump and burn it up. Also, maintaining the water level will help you balance pool chemistry.

5. Clean with Pool Filters

Clean with Pool Filters

Pool filters are responsible for removing all debris, impurities, leaves, aquatic insects and keeping the water crystal clean for multiple uses. To clean your pool, you need to turn off the filter and remove the filter cap located on the pool deck. Next, lift the filter basket and remove all debris before you replace it.

How often do you need to clean this filter basket? At least once a week will keep your pool water clean. Besides, if you use a cartridge filter that has a maximum flow rate with no backwashing, then cleaning the filter once a month will do be enough for you.

6. Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Oils

Most people use sunscreen, suntan lotion, natural oils, and hair products, all of which eventually mixes into pool water when they dive for a splash. So, how do we get the oils out of water?

Throw some tennis balls into the water. The fibers on the tennis balls will absorb the sticky oils with their fiber and will help to prevent any slick sheen on the top of the water.

7. Clean Your Pool Deck

Most of us are so concerned about the pool water that we omit the importance of cleaning the pool’s deck, but the pool’s decks can be a huge source of dirt, bacteria, and algae spores right into the pool water. Make sure you wipe off the fallen leaves and debris at least twice a week.

Other than that, you can try power washing to get rid of weather stains and rust over time. To remove the surface debris, set the machine at a medium power spray. In order to sanitize the deck, use a pressure washer with detergent. Or you can use a long-handled brush and disinfectant solution and scrub the deck at least once a month.

8. Don’t get Afraid to Shock a Cloudy Pool

Don’t get Afraid to Shock a Cloudy Pool

When you raise chlorine levels drastically to kill bacteria, the pool water gets cloudy. This is more commonly known as shocking. All you need is to dilute the normal amount of chlorine or chemical sanitizer with water to between three to five folds. Now pour it into the pool’s return line.

Let it filter throughout the pool and refill new water over time. Though shocking too often can risk your pool sidings, try shocking at least twice every season to keep your pool microbe-free.

9. Use Baking Soda over other Chemicals

To control the alkalinity of the pool without any significant reduction in pH, most people try sodium bicarbonate, but baking soda performs the same task with less expense. In fact, baking soda features the same concentration of sodium bicarbonate per pound as a solution, so the same amount of baking soda does the job.

10. Schedule Annual Service Appointment

Not all of us are masters in the pool’s mechanical equipment, including the filters, pumps, and heating systems, so, you can hire any professional service to check all of the devices at least once a year.

Before you hire an expert service, look at your pool and make a list of all of the important issues. These can be any loud sound from the machines, holes in the liner, pipe leakage, or any bad odors from the pool water. Make sure you explain all your problems to the pool expert.

If there is nothing wrong with your pool, then there is no need to hire a professional annually. These services are expensive, and it will be a complete waste of money if you hire a professional for no real reasons.

Final Verdict

Pool cleaning and maintenance are no big hurdles. You just need to be vigilant and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. If you are using a robotic pool cleaner, then you may take a nap while the robot cleans it all. If you are not using the robotic cleaner, follow the above-listed tips to keep your pool clean and clear.

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