15 Roof Types And Styles To Consider For Your Dream Home



Do you ever think about what your dream home will look like? Are you ready to get your dream house? Or are you perhaps thinking about getting one for yourself soon? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then you’re probably trying to figure out what your roof should look like. That task might be a bit challenging if you have no idea what options are available to you in the first place.

To help you out, here are some roof types and styles to choose from for your dream home:

1. Gable

If you’re into traditional designs, then a gable roof might tickle your fancy. The gable is a widely used roof on houses across the world. It slants down steeply from the peak of the roof to the point where it meets the house’s walls.

Gable roofing is suitable for areas with lots of rain and snow. It also comes with many options for roofing materials such as inverted box rib (IBR) iron sheets, thatch, and concrete tiles.

2. Gambrel

A gambrel is typically a double-sided roof with two slopes on both sides. The upper slope has a shallower angle than the lower slope, which is steep. You may have seen gambrel roofs on barns, country clubs, and other farm-style buildings. They’re popular because they maximize storage space at no extra cost.

3. Mansard

If you’re into classic homes, you may want to take a look at mansard roof designs. A mansard has four sides that look like the gambrel, except it has dormer windows on the lower slope. You could say it’s a combination of the mansard and the hip, which is the next item on this list.

4. Hip

This is also known as a hipped roof. It’s another classic roof style you can check out if you want a home with an older house appeal. It has sides that gently slope downward to the walls. This type of roof has no gables.

5. Flat Roof

As suggested by its name, this particular roof almost looks flat. If you’re into houses with no peaked roofs, then the flat roof is for you.

Just be sure to consider its biggest disadvantage: it’s not great for steering clear of rainwater and snow. If you live in an area that’s exposed to such elements often, your flat roof could give in to their weight. If, on the other hand, you live in the Mediterranean or places with a similar climate, then you may find the flat roof style refreshing.

6. Skillion

The skillion roof is commonly used on sheds, warehouses, and barns. People are increasingly using this simple and elegant option for their homes. The roof basically begins from the highest point of a house and slops downward on one side.

A skillion roof is ideal for areas with heavy rains and snow. It’s also perfect for water harvesting. If you’re fond of natural light coming into your home, you could get your architect to design a skillion with windows on the sides.

7. Bonnet

This is quite a unique roof that looks like a huge bonnet on top of the house. It basically has two slopes on all four sides. The upper slope is steeper than the lower one, which runs gently down from the dormers.

8. Jerkinhead

The jerkinhead is an old-fashioned roof style you may want to tweak and put on your modern home. It looks a bit like a gabble roof, except it’s a bit more complicated. You could say it’s a combination of a gable roof and a hipped roof.

Jerkinhead also has a couple more names like clipped gable, half-hipped, and English hipped roof. But no matter what term is used for it, you can use it when constructing the home you’ve always wanted.

9. Pyramid

This is another style that was popular back in the day. It takes on the shape of a pyramid, which means it has no vertical sides. All the roof sides meet at the peak of the roof, giving it a pointy top.

house with a gable roof window

10. Saltbox

The saltbox has a unique design in which the front side looks like a standard pitched roof while the back side slants steeply down. The roof touches the walls at different heights. The front wall is raised significantly higher than the one at the back.

11. Sawtooth

If you’re looking to invest in a modern roof that will give you a high ceiling and a loft, the sawtooth roof is for you. As described by its name, the roof has a zigzag shape that resembles a saw blade.

However, the design is known to be a bit pricey to construct, so you may need to have a deep pocket to pull it off without feeling the pinch.

12. Dome

If you go for a dome roof, you have to be prepared to have a dome-shaped house. That’s because a dome roof would dominate the overall design of your home. This type of roof is believed to be eco-friendly and ideal for people who are into small, sustainable homes.

13. Curved

The curved roof almost looks like the dome roof but not quite. It’s a rounded roof covering the house up to about the midpoint. The rounded roof is commonly used on outbuildings, but many modern designs now adopt its unique look.

14. Butterfly

The butterfly roof blends well with the environment as it resembles a butterfly. It’s like an inversion of the standard roof with two sides sloping from the outer edges and meeting in the middle. This design is also great for harvesting water.

15. Combo

Finally, you can pick a roof that combines any of the styles discussed above. There are many options available to suit your taste. Just be creative and figure out which ones you want to put together.


With all the styles discussed here, choosing the best roof for your dream home will certainly be a lot of fun. You may notice that the architecture of your home is going to influence the design of your roof. Whatever the case, the style of your roof must reflect your taste. But fundamentally, the roof you pick should suit the weather in your area. For the best advice on the suitability of the roof, it would be best to work with a seasoned roofing company. Good luck!

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