12 Household Problems That Should Only Be Done By Professionals

A lot of people are not comfortable leaving a problem in their house without fixing it themselves. While some other people won’t even do the most basic repairs and settle for calling a handyman to fix it for them. Both extremes of this spectrum aren’t really optimized. The one who never depends on themselves to fix anything pays a lot of money to professionals. On the other hand, the one that’s convinced that they are an expert at everything can lose a lot more money if they cause more damage to what they were fixing. To help you navigate a world full of potential problems safely, here are 12 household issues that you should never attempt to fix by yourself.

Burning Odor Related to Electricity

The smell of something burning because you forgot the furnace on is not really a big deal as you can just shut it off. But once you start smelling a burning odor coming out of more than one electrical device, you’ve got yourself a major problem. This is caused by the overheating of wires, and they can start to melt easily. A single appliance may be faulty, and in that case, you should either replace it or have someone look at it.

If multiple devices are starting to act weird and produce burning odors, it means that there is a very high probability that the electrical circuits in your house are fried. You should definitely go nowhere near this mess because the voltage and amperage are high enough to
instantly electrocute you.

Frequent Circuit Breaks

Frequent Circuit Breaks

Any electrical system in any house or building contains something known as a circuit breaker. This unit protects the electric system from overloading. As mentioned by electricians of Electrical Panel Services, the electric panel is the most important component in your home’s electricity system. It sets a limit on the circuit that once exceeded, and it cuts off the entire electricity to prevent potential fires.

Take it as a major indicator that you need the services of a professional if you keep encountering the same problem.

Extremely High Electricity Bills

It’s not rare to have a high electricity bill if you use electricity-intensive devices frequently. But once you notice the bills getting unusual and extremely high, it can mean that there is a problem with the wiring of the house that is causing your appliances to heat up, which uses a lot of electricity in the process.

Gas-Related Repairs

Fixing any appliance that uses gas in your home is a very risky move. Even if you manage to fix the appliance, it’s quite hard to determine whether there is going to be a gas leak or not. Gas leaks are quite dangerous because gas is toxic to inhale, in addition to being extremely flammable.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

If you live in a cold region, your pipes may at some point freeze from the low temperatures. Frozen pipes will block the water from running through them, and even if they allow a little trickle, cracks are bound to occur on the pipes. The freezing and re-thawing of pipes frequently will weaken them, which can lead to much bigger problems. Call a plumber as soon as you find your pipes frozen.

Replacing Heaters

Water heaters have an expected lifetime of 8 to 12 years. While some people may be tempted to try their hands at a DIY water heater installation, it’s far from being an amateur job. The electricity that goes through water heaters is enough to cause fatalities and fires, so make sure you contact an electrician if you’re getting a new heater.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can be a pretty pesky problem that one gets tempted to find a solution by themselves. But it’s very hard to find the source that’s causing low water pressure without the proper equipment that a professional plumber has, not to mention the knowledge and experience required.

Embedded Roots in Pipes

Roots can sometimes grow in pipes that are running underground. Don’t try to use a home-made solution to clear the roots because that can cause further blockage and burst the pipes. Only a professional plumber can stop these ingrown roots without cutting off the water supply to the entire town.

Severe Home Renovations

Severe Home Renovations

It’s totally alright to have a lot of ideas for the new home you’re renovating but try your best to steer clear from renovations that involve the electrical and plumbing systems. The risk associated is high because you may cause a problem that you won’t be able to notice any time soon. Leaving loose ends while you extensively renovate a home is a recipe for disaster.

Roof Restorations

Even if you don’t have the slightest fear of heights, roof restorations aren’t exactly about having enough courage. Scaling up a roof and repairing it without the proper safety equipment can easily turn sour at the slightest misstep. You can easily mess up a roof shingle replacement and cause a leaky roof, which will cost you a lot more than what it would take to hire a professional.

Basement Renovations

The basement isn’t like any room in your house; it requires following fire-blocking codes, vapor barrier standards, and ensuring the isolation of moisture. Renovating a basement requires a lot of knowledge and experience to be done right. There is also a lot of electrical and plumbing work involved in creating a fully functional basement.

Anything that Involves Concrete

While messing up a concrete setup isn’t exactly dangerous, it can cost you a lot if you do it wrong. If you use the wrong combination of concrete or pour it incorrectly, you’ll be stuck with a mess of concrete that’s completely unusable. You’ll also be paying for a professional to remove this concrete and completely re-do it from scratch.

There is no shame in admitting that you’re unable to fix something or saying that you don’t have enough experience to take on a major problem. Some seemingly common household problems have the potential to cause lethal hazards or at the very least cost you a lot in damage control and loss of property value. It is best to enlist the help of a professional for any of the above problems if they do occur.

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