6 Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repairs

A garage door is safety equipment for protecting your belongings in a garage in which you could store vehicles, tools, gardening materials and various other sundry materials in the household.

Secondly, your garage door is also a style statement for your home. You would have chosen the door to match with the overall décor of your home. It is out in the open and people tend to notice the garage.

When such is the case, is it prudent for you to repair your garage door on your own without calling for the services of a professional
garage door repair company?

Here are six reasons why you should not venture to repair your garage door by yourself:

1. Time

Do you have the time to spare to undertake repairs to the garage door? Most garage door repair companies estimate it takes 4-6 hours to repair garage doors.

Of course, it very much depends on the nature of the problem.

If you want to undertake the repair yourself, you can safely double the time. Your repair saga could spread over two days because you have to evaluate the nature of the problem and the kind of repair the garage door needs. Next, you may have to make a trip to the market to acquire the necessary spare parts. Maybe you have to purchase some tools too. Your repair could end up being trial and error and you know how trial and error repairs work. Thus, it is not worth your time to repair your garage.

2. Danger of failure

Although your intentions are great to repair your garage door by yourself you must consider the danger of your failure.

The garage door is made up of many moving parts that have technology products in them. So, if you mess up the repair work and spoil your garage door then you run the risk of spoiling the look of your home.


Further, you could spoil some of the major parts and you may have to replace them and incur extra cost. Thus, if you think about the danger of failure then it is definitely not worth doing your own repair.

3. Why compete with professionals?

There is a danger trying to compete with professionals. If you are trying to save a few bucks it is clearly not worth it because the cost of garage door repair is anywhere between $125-290.

Do you want to try your hand when you can save a lot of bother by letting a professional company handle the repair?

For instance, A1 Garage provides quality garage door service and you can leave it to its capable hands to do a professional job.

There is a danger in competing with professionals and wasting your precious time trying to do the repair yourself.

4. Danger of injury

Modern garage doors are made of several parts, sub assemblies and components such as doors, springs, openers, cables, chain and pulleys, sensors, tracks, panels and locks.

Some of these are quite dangerous especially the springs and cables which are connected to electric power supply.

Doors are reasonably heavy and difficult to handle. Some of the parts such as sensors are pretty sensitive and can get spoiled by

If you are not familiar with the working of a garage door you can injure yourself quite badly while repairing. Thus, there is danger of injury to you if you mishandle the various parts of the garage door.

5. Half knowledge

The garage door is electro-mechanical equipment incorporating electronic components such as remote, keypad, sensors and various other parts.

These perform their functions as per predetermined standards.

If you, with your dangerous half knowledge, are trying to repair you may inadvertently mishandle the parts and damage them. Therefore you run the risk of having to replace them and pay a heavy price.

6. Garage door repair is not DIY candidate


Think about it! Do you have the necessary tools? Do you have basic knowledge of the way garage doors function? Can you get somebody to help you with the repair work?

Do you have the time to spare? Can you work in the garage from floor to ceiling? Can you identify all the parts, components and subassemblies?

Remember even if you say ‘no’ to any one of the above, repairing the garage door in DIY mode is not your cup of tea.

There are many other things in your home which are good DIY candidates. You can handle those and leave the garage door to a professional.

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