12 Different Kinds of Outdoor Lighting for the Home

A good looking home attracts everyone’s sight. Good outdoor lights make your home alluring in the night, and in this way, your home’s outlook not only makes you feel good but also grabs the attention of many.

You do not only want your home to look nice with great outdoor lights but also want those lights to be more and more energy-efficient.

In this article, I will show you lots of them with their traits so that you make the best decision while purchasing them.

Below are the different kinds of outdoor lightings that you can choose

1. Spotlights


With a very powerful luminescence, spotlights can solve the problem of low light in the night as well as give your home a nice view from the outside.

These lights point in a single direction, and you can set them where ever you want to. They can provide a wall grazing effect, and you can change the coverage area for them as well.

The problem with them is that you can only use them if you are rich because they have high energy consumption as they use 150 to 500 watts of power.

2. Step lights

Sometimes at night, you can stumble while climbing the stairs. To not only add charm but also vanish this issue, step lights serve the purpose.

They are energy efficient bulbs because they are usually LEDs with very low consumption while giving a great outlook and visual support.

3. Floodlights

When there comes a desire of high brightness, go for floodlights. They are spotlights but serve more brightness and large area coverage.

You can now illuminate your driveways too with the help of these.

Wherever it comes to the demand of high luminescence; they can be chosen. But like the spotlights, they also have a high energy consumption.

4. Up/downlights

If the outdoor walls of your home seem boring or your garden’s plants don’t glow much in the night, you should try up lights or downlight to bring them to life.

Trust me; they look immensely beautiful and decorative after using these lights.

They enhance the aesthetics, yet they are very conservative in energy consumption. Because these are basically LED bulbs with a very low power rating comparatively, and LED is energy efficient bulb.

Up downlights

5. Bollard lights

Do you want your outdoor landscape light to shine in every direction? Try these lights. These are posts that have a light on their top. So, if you are keen to make your pathways amazing, try these out.

Most of them use high-intensity discharge lamps like metal halide or high-pressure sodium.

But if you use an LED version of them, then they can result in a 40-85% reduction in energy consumption, which makes them energy-efficient bulbs.

6. Garden lights

Looking like gorgeous mushrooms of light, these lights add grace and beauty to your garden.

Now having a tread in your garden at night with a cup of coffee or tea becomes more amazing if you are watching this captivating scene.

There can be incandescent, fluorescent, or LED bulbs used within them, depending on your choice.

But make this choice wisely by choosing fine-looking and efficient bulbs. Garden lights can also be made overhanging by using strings, but the scene looks good when traditional bulbs are used that are highly energy-consuming.

7. String lights

Talking about outdoor lighting and aesthetics and not discussing string lights is not fair. These little stars can add real beauty to your outdoor deck and make it even more worth sitting.

These lights are liked by almost everyone, and they make the environment romantic. You will love to sit under them and enjoy while having conversations and food.

These lights are for decoration and are highly energy conservative. So, make your outdoor landscape even cooler by setting them up there.

8. Accent lighting

Do you want to highlight something on the outer wall of your house? Do you want people to focus on some particular object in the night? Do your outer wall’s artifacts need attention?

It’s time to use accent lighting there to add more grace to the objects/artifacts.

Mostly LED-based, these lights provide aesthetics with low consumption of energy while providing a good deal of luminescence.

9. Gate lamps

These are the fixtures that are necessary to brighten up your gate, but, in the meanwhile, they also look very beautiful if used with good lamp casings.

The lamp inside is usually a fluorescent or LED bulb, which is an efficient bulb.

10. Lanterns

Depending on your taste and demand, lanterns can be used outdoors to set your mood and provide great style.

They can have LED lights or candles inside them. Add more grace to your outdoor lighting by using them.


11. Orbs & spheres

Your backyard/garden will look ethereal if you use this beautiful lighting idea in them. Hanging like a shining small sun or moon, spheres can vanish all of your worries and provide you serene.

You can enjoy a charming little oasis by having them set. They bring mystical vibes along with them to soothe you.

They can have LEDs inside them, which are low on energy cost and high inefficiency.

12. Strip lights

Corner and edges can be beautified by using strip lights in them. They will provide a glowing and picturesque sight.

These series of tiny lights will grab your attention in a millisecond if properly placed. LEDs inside them make them highly energy efficient.


To glorify things, it requires some imagination. There can be numerous ideas of outdoor lighting, and I have shown you a few of them.

You can use these ideas to feel your home like a heaven. Sitting in your garden at night with some beautiful lighting removes your stress and tiredness.

Unique outdoor lighting makes your home more attractive. So, the wait is over, now try these amazing ideas on your very own home and make it even more alluring.

You can also intermix these ideas to come up with something more amazing.

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