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In Season Blooms for the Month of September

In Season Blooms for the Month of September

You know it’s spring when the weather has gotten a lot warmer. The change in temperature also usually means a change in the kinds of flowers in bloom. While you’re stuck at home, why not try your hand at taking care of these beautiful flowers?

Our friends from Hello Blooms have come up with 8 kinds of lovely flowers in season this month of September that are sure to catch the eye.


Jasmine are a kind of shrub or vine that are found in tropical and warm temperate areas such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. They are commonly grown for the distinct fragrance of their flowers used in perfumes or to be used in making jasmine-flower tea.


Jasmine flowers when in bloom are white or yellow in color depending on the species. In some rare occurrences, jasmine flowers can be somewhat reddish in color. The flowers grow in small clusters of three, or can have single flowers on branchlets again depending on the species.

Although this flower is usually known for its fragrance, not all jasmine species have the distinct smell.


Waratah are a group of flowering shrubs or trees native to the southeastern parts of Australia. Its name waratah came from the Eora Aboriginal people who were the original inhabitants of the Sydney area.

The most common waratah species is Telopea speciosissima. This species of waratah flaunts bright red flowers and also happens to be the emblem of the state of New South Wales.

The flower has also been known to have been used medicinally by indigenous Tharawal people from the Cronulla region of southern Syndey.

Sweet Pea

Although sweet peas are native to Sicily, southern Italy, and the Aegean islands, these wonderful flowers have made their way to Australia thanks to trade and other modern means.

Sweet Pea


Wild sweet peas are purple in color; however, with the help of science, these flowers have been cross-bred to smell more fragrant and come in different pastel shades of pink, purple, blue and white. They are cultivated commercially for their unique and powerful fragrance.


Chrysanthemums are flowering plants native to East Asia. These flowers are very fragrant and look gorgeous. Their flower heads are covered in specialized leaves called phyllaries which the plant uses in reproduction. Chrysanthemums are also known as chrysanths or mums—go figure—and are a fan favorite of horticulturalists who have bred these flowers to create blooms in yellow, white, red, and a variety of other colors.

In some East Asian countries, yellow or white chrysanthemums are boiled to make tea.


Hydrangea are another group of flowering shrubs and small trees that are quite popular. Like the Chrysanthemum, they are native to East Asia. The name hydrangea is derived from Greek that means ‘water vessel’ which describes the appearance of the flower’s seed capsules.


Hydrangea are mostly white in color, but some species can exude red, pink, blue, and different shades of purple. Unsurprisingly, hydrangea is also made into tea in countries such as China, Japan, and Korea.


Poppies are a kind of flowering herbal plant. They come in many different colors—usually red and yellow. Their flowers are formed by four to six petals with a whorl of stamens in the middle. The flowers are relatively short-lived and appear to crumple when the bloom finishes.

In ancient times, poppies were used in medicine for the relief of pain thanks to the small quantities of morphine and codeine in their seeds.

The oils extracted from poppy seed can also be used as a spice to add to breads and cakes.


Freesias are another group of flowering herbal plant prized for their beauty fragrance. Their flowers are usually pink or yellow in color and usually appear funnel-shaped. Freesias are frequently used as ornamental plants and are a go-to flower for special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings.


Commercially, freesias are commonly used in the manufacture of scented candles, hair products, hand creams, and other commercial products.


Rhododendrons are a group of flowering woody shrubs and small trees native to Asia, but can also be found in North America. The best species of rhododendrons are valued for the clusters of large flowers when in season. They are primarily used as ornamental plants in landscaping in different parts of the world. Other species of this beautiful plant can be cultivated into breathtaking hedgerows.

There are over a hundred other kinds of flowers that bloom during springtime and are readily available in flower shops should you decide to liven up your home or if you’d like to cultivate these wonderful plants in the safety of your own backyard. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose. There is bound to be a bunch of flowers out there to your liking this spring.

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