11 Ways to Warm up a Cold Bedroom or Even Outside of the Room

Depending on where you live, you will have to deal with an unusually cold room or spot in your home from time to time. You can remedy it temporarily by swathing yourself in layer after layer of thick blankets, but you will have to come up with a real and permanent solution sooner or later.

Most of your friends would probably advise you to buy the best electric fireplace, but it may not always fit your budget or available space.

We asked around and thought of our own ways to warm up a cold bedroom or even outside of the room and put together all tips in this handy guide. We hope this helps you survive winter this year!

{ 1 } Are your windows closed, to begin with?

bedroom outdoor window design

Before shelling out hundreds of dollars on some fancy heater, check the windows, doors, and vents first. Check all the places that the cold might be entering from, and ensure that everything that needs to be done or installed to keep the cold out is intact. Drafts from windows and doors can be initially fixed using draft blockers. Also, ensure that enough registers are open, and adjust ductwork dampers (if any) as needed.

{ 2 } Check your heating system

fireplace in bedroom
When was the last time you had your heater checked and tuned up by a Professional? These appliances need utmost care and maintenance to stay in good working condition. Therefore, you need to make sure that they (their cleaning and maintenance, to be specific) are never left out of your to-do list. Also, check your radiators and make sure that nothing is blocking air from flowing through them.

{ 3 } Position your thermostat correctly

bedroom thermostat
How much thought exactly went into the positioning of your thermostat? Sometimes, poor heating happens because the thermostat is in a sunny room. The same problem can arise if the thermostat is placed in a room that warms quickly, in which case the thermostat turns off the furnace before the rest of the area is warmed up. You can use a wireless thermostat in the problematic room.

{ 4 } Keep the heat in the right places

If there are rooms in your house that you do not use often, then forget about them. Close the vents in these rooms so all the heat in your home goes to where and when they are absolutely needed.

{ 5 } Use your fireplace

If you have a fireplace, then you have a lot of opportunities to heat up your home while saving up on electricity. Clean out your fireplace, and maintain it well for safe operation and optimized heating effect. At the same time, close the damper in your fireplace firmly when you are not using it.

{ 6 } Check the exterior walls

bedroom wall outside
If you notice that one wall or part of a wall gets particularly cold in winter, the problem may be in it. Fiberglass is traditionally used for insulation in walls, but this material sometimes becomes inadequate, especially when a lot of spaces have been left for fixtures and electrical boxes or if the wall is old. The solution to this is Icynene, an insulating material made of expanding foam that is much more effective than fiberglass. It is also easy to apply and cut away in case you need access to pipes and wires one day. Talk to experts at www.anywall.co.uk for more professional solutions related to wall insulation.

{ 7 } Warm your floors and furniture

A lot of materials used for furniture, flooring, and beddings, for example, tend to easily get cold. The problem is, we tend to gravitate toward these materials when shopping around for things for the home because these materials are easy to clean. You do not have to replace your floors and other cold surfaces. Simply cover these with rugs and other textiles for warmth.

{ 8 } Use a space heater in your room

space heater bedroom decor
You do not need to tinker with your central heating system if it is just one room you are having problems with. Instead, you can use a portable heater, which is also known as a space heater. These come in different sizes. Choose the one that is suitable for the size of your room, and place it as far as possible from the bed. There are portable heaters for other parts of the house too. For example, the best patio heaters today are very affordable and so stylish they can be mistaken for decor.

{ 9 } Use radiant ceiling panels

radiant ceiling panels bedroom
You mount these inch-thick panels on the ceiling of the room in question. Ideally, a panel should be able to heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit within about 5 min of being turned on and cool as quickly. If you do not want to put panels over the entire room, mount one right above the area you want to heat (for example, right above a study table or reading nook).

{ 10 } Blanket For Cold Night

Bedroom Blanket for winter
A blanket is the best source to Warm up the bedroom. During the cold, it will keep you warm not only in the bedroom, but you can also use it while sitting in the living room with your loved one or alone. If you are a kind of person who loves the outdoor camping, then this blanket can be also very useful at that time.

{ 11 } Go for radiant floor heating

radiant floor heating
This option is ideal, especially for rooms with tiled flooring because they get too cold too quickly. This is a mechanism comprising thin cables in mesh mats. These cables are the source of heat, and the entire mat is placed just underneath your cold, hard floors. As you probably notice, this is quite an extreme method. Therefore, you should resort to this only if you were going to renovate your floors, to begin with.


There is nothing worse than jumping into a cold bed or stepping on a shockingly cold spot on the floor in the middle of the night. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to fix this problem, ranging from the expensive to the cheap and from the basic to the outright hack. Keep this guide handy so you can spend your time worrying about things other than the temperature in your room!

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