Make Use of Corelle Dinnerware this Winter

Christmas is a special time of year, so you should have a special dinner set for the occasion. A dinner is a magical time for friends and family to gather together, so it is important to set the scene and make your table design as beautiful as your food.

The Corelle dinnerware sets are designed for both everyday use and special occasions, so will be ideal for both Christmas Day and gatherings throughout the festive season. Whether you are looking for a set to save for special occasions or something you can use year round, the Corelle designs are known for being modern and stylish.

Of course, quality dinnerware isn’t all about the design, it needs to be highly durable. These sets are manufactured from triple layered Virelle glass, which protects them from breakages, chips, and stains. All sets have been designed with practicality in mind, so are fully safe for use in microwaves, ovens, fridge freezers, and dishwashers. This attention to detail is sure to make the preparation and tidying away of your Christmas dinner fast and simple. The sets all come with a 3-year guarantee for your complete peace of mind against accidental damages.

The Holiday Stitch set

Holiday Stitch set

Many people look for a special set which they can save for Christmas each year when they have all their loved ones together. If you are looking for a set for Christmas, which will get your guests into the festive spirit, the holiday stitch set is ideal. The stylish Nordic pattern in red and green colors, is one of the most Christmas orientated designs from Corelle. The set will bring your table to life when combined with beautiful red accessories and sprigs of holly.

The Apricot Grove collection

Apricot Grove collection
If you are looking for something modern with subtle color the Apricot Grove collection is ideal. The range features thin bands with a traditional floral design in both grey and apricot which offers a contemporary twist. This Christmas grey is one of the most popular colors for Christmas decorations, so this set will look stunning alongside your Christmas tree.

The Celebration set

Celebration set
For a modern Christmas table, the Celebration set is a perfect style. Its warm tones combined with the abstract brush strokes create a quality, eye-catching finish. The set will add a quality touch to your celebrations and create the perfect ambiance. The set includes a variety of additional pieces such as a serving platter and large serving bowls, which will be ideal for displaying your delicious Christmas dinner.

The Bandhani set

Bandhani set
If you are looking for a traditional set which will last a lifetime, the Bandhani set is perfect. The deep red band with its delicate white design will add a special touch to your dining experience and look great with many interior styles. For many homes, red is the color we associate with Christmas. This red set is ideal for those who are looking for tableware which can be passed down through generations and always look stylish.

The Country Cottage set

Country Cottage set
For rural homes, with a country-inspired interior, the country cottage set is stunning. The set has a timeless, romantic design with its soft tones and delicate pattern. The large 76-piece set includes everything you need for a beautiful Christmas dinner with all of your friends and family, such as dinner plates, bread and butter plates, soup plates, dessert bowls, saucers, cups and serving bowls and platters.

All you will need for a finishing touch is a beautiful table runner, a festive centerpiece, and your finest cutlery. Christmas should be a time to remember and the perfect dinner needs the perfect tableware. Let Corelle give you and your loved ones the perfect Christmas day, with their stunning range of timeless, high-quality designs.

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