10 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

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Just like any other homeowner, you can attest to the fact that the kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in your home.

As such, it is important that you keep it looking clean and spotless at all times. However, this can be a bit challenging, especially if you wait to do all the cleaning at the end of the day or week.

Rather than waiting to do the cleaning afterward, here are tips that will help you keep the kitchen clean as you go:

  1. Clean the Kitchen after Every Meal–Meal preparation can leave your kitchen in a mess. Consider wiping and cleaning the table, dishwasher, dishes and utensils and the sink once you are done.
  2. Take Care of Spills as Soon as they Occur– if allowed to stay for too long, some spills may become hard to clean. To prevent mold and stains in the kitchen, you should wipe spills when they occur.
  3. Remember to Clean the Countertops – While cleaning and organizing your kitchen, do not forget about the countertops. In addition to cleaning, you should clear the countertops of containers and small appliances for a more organized look. Such items may be stored in the cupboards when they are not being used.
  4. Clean Garbage and Disinfect Cans Regularly–If not cleaned regularly, the garbage bin can accumulate harmful bacteria and germs or even start stinking. Even if you use it carefully, some food particles and dirt will still collect at its bottom. As such, you should take it out and clean it using water and dishwashing detergent regularly.
  5. Clean the Freezer and Refrigerator Frequently – Since a considerable amount of food is kept in the refrigerator and the freeze, it is advisable to keep these appliances clean at all times. You should consider removing all the items in the appliances and clean the refrigerator and freezer at least once every month.
  6. Wash the Floor at least Once a Week – in addition to sweeping the kitchen floor every day, it is advisable to mop it at least once every week. This should be done using soapy water in order to remove any sticky spots and spills on the floor.
  7. Get Shelf Liners for the Drawers and Cupboards and Clean them Regularly – These are easier to clean as compared to cleaning the shelves and cupboards. Additionally, they create a hygienic environment for storing food and pantries. Prior to cleaning the liner, you should get all items out of the shelves or drawer. You should then use the right all-purpose cleaner to clean the liners.
  8. Clear Garbage from Countertops as You Go – Although cleaning up after food preparation is essential, you can reduce the work by clearing garbage as you prepare the food. In this regard, you should toss the garbage, such as egg shells, and scraps, in the garbage can right away.
  9. Use Fewer Utensils While Preparing Food – Preparing before preparing every meal can help you, in this regard. Using fewer utensils will ensure that you have fewer utensils to clean after cooking.
  10. Consider Using Baking Sheet – Consider spreading a baking sheet on the countertops before you start preparing food. This will collect the spills and prevent dirt from accumulating on the countertops.

Our Final Say

A clean and spotless kitchen is not only appealing to the eyes; it will also ensure that you have a hygienic environment for preparing food. In addition to general cleaning, these tips will ensure that the kitchen remains clean and spotless at all times.

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