10+ Stylish Table Setting Ideas for the Perfect Dinner at Home


We live in the 21st century and although there are some advantages (like the internet, where you’re reading this), we must say that things are not how they used to be in the past. It feels like the world is just spinning faster and time is never enough. We skip breakfast just to have a few more minutes of sleep, eat our lunches on the go and tend to forget food is not just something that keeps you alive, but also a pleasure and a way to communicate. The only regular occasion we have left to spend some meaningful time with our loved ones is dinner. Dinner is the island between the hustle and the bustle and that’s why we believe it is special. Here we have collected setting ideas that will make your dinner perfect.

Let’s start to get started

Speaking of table-cloths

Dinner Table cloths Decoration
Choose something simple, but outlined. A nice table-cloth is going to make the atmosphere warmer and cozier, but don’t let the background distract the guests from the menu. A second colorful cloth at the center of the table will bring additional accent to it without being too intrusive.

Napkin bundles

Dinner Table Napkin Decoration
Another charming accent could be the napkin bundle. You have no idea where to put the little fork? Worry no more and just wrap all the dinnerware into a cute neat bundle. It’s pretty and effective at the same time. Also, linen napkins do a great job!

Stylish designer dinnerware sets

Dinner Table dinnerware sets Decoration
Cover your table with functional pieces of art – like this handcrafted designer set, and add a dash of floral elements for additional decoration.
N.B.: It may lead to your guests eating faster in order to clean up their plates, just so they can look at them in details.

Flowers at the table

Dinner Table Flowers Decoration
Not to be mistaken for the salad. Flowers bring a romantic and fresh atmosphere to your table. Also, with the colors matched, they make the composition complete. You may bring a small potted plant at the table or just put a flower in a pretty vase.


Dinner Table Candles Decoration
Warmth and coziness are what makes people feel at home. A little flame at the table changes the light at your dinner completely and makes the atmosphere more intimate. Also, it is very easy to be creative with candles. Variations are unlimited.

Now that we clarified the essentials, you can release your imagination and experiment with different styles, according to the occasion, the menu and the company.


Dinner Table Minimalism Decoration
Minimalism is cool. The simple shapes and textures, as well as the serene colors, will bring a modern, yet sophisticated feeling to your table. Keep it simple, choose the level of contrast that suits you best, and avoid the bright colors and the usual shine – because minimalism shines in its very own way. The principle of less is more is what applies here.
By the way, minimalism goes very well with sushi.

Go vintage!

Dinner Table vintage Decoration
The possible styles here are so many that you could use your table as a time machine. Bring your family back in time by setting a vintage 60’s dinner with simple rounded forms and bright colors.

Or try the lavish and warm Renaissance style.

Keep it casual

Dinner Table casual Decoration
If you think that the word “casual” automatically excludes style – well, think again. Keeping it casual is one of the best ways to set up the perfect family dinner table on a daily basis. You can use the regular brown and beige or go for more vibrant colors, floral motives, and simple, yet playful patterns. The only rule is that the colors should not overpower.

Theme night

Dinner Table Theme night Decoration
Surprise your guests with a theme dinner party, which could provoke amusing conversations and even games. For example, if there are children, they would probably fall in love with a Harry Potter themed evening. And let’s be honest, many adults would too… Just lift the candles, serve some pumpkin and feel the magic.

Exotic dinner

Dinner Table Exotic Decoration
Challenge your culinary skills with something new and surprise your friends and family with a foreign dish they may haven’t tried. What could be more sophisticated than hot cheese, right? Presenting fondue at the table looks not only stylish but is also quite fun.


Since modern lifestyle doesn’t suggest frequent home gatherings, every one of these settings feels special and festive. Of course, for every occasion, there will always be a restaurant and it is much easier to invite your close people there. But will they be able to recall the evening in a month`s time? Show your creativity by putting your energy into a simple home event that your guests will remember for a long time to come. Guaranteed!

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