Remodeling? Get Inspired by These 3 Trendy Bathroom Layouts

Lavatory, loo, washroom, bathroom. Whatever you call it, this space in your home should be a place where, well, you want to visit. If outdated cabinetry, leaky fixtures, too-small of spaces or unsightly showers are keeping you from enjoying your bathroom, it might be time for a remodel. Whether you want to update your existing space or gut it and start from scratch, here are three trending bathroom styles from which to take inspiration.

1. Powder Rooms

beautiful Powder Rooms design ideas

Although small, you can make a big statement with a powder room. In particular, you’ll more than likely be able to splurge on features and finishes like exotic wood cabinetry or ornate tile, as these additions are not as cost-prohibitive as they would be in a larger lavatory. Often anchored with a toilet, sink and mirror, powder rooms, or half bathrooms, require little space — three to four feet wide and six to eight feet long makes for a comfortable space — but provide a big return on investment.

Underutilized areas, including the space underneath a stairway or an unused spot off a garage, are ideal for powder rooms. In fact, it’s best to create a half bathroom in an area of your home that shares a wall with an existing bathroom; this way, your new washroom is close to existing sewer and water lines.

Local Melbourne company My Bathroom actually added an ensuite and walk-in robe to storage space in a clients’ roof. This renovation was an amazing use of an area that was just being wasted and in 8 weeks totally transformed it.

Now, in some cases, you may have to move the plumbing lines, which can drive up the price of the remodel. But starting from scratch gives you more freedom to design the bathroom of your dreams, without having to work with existing plumbing, drains, hookups and ventilation.

2. Three-Quarter Bath

This bathroom layout is often designed as a guest bathroom or second bathroom option but is certainly more intricate than a powder room. In fact, this style of bathroom generally features a standing shower, toilet, and sink. But its basic essentials don’t have to be boring. Add some style to this functional space with a rain-style shower head and other affordable extras.

Other features, like enlarged windows or a standout medicine cabinet, can give the space some character. When designing this style of bathroom, it’s important to consider who will be using this space. Will it be highly trafficked? What is the purpose of this space? Will it provide basic functionality, or will it be more of a retreat?

With answers to these questions in mind, you can start planning your bathroom remodel. Still, keep in mind that the average cost of a bathroom remodel
was a little more than $11,000 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Of course, like any remodel, these costs are merely averages and will range depending on the intricacy of your overall project.

3. Spa-Inspired

beautiful Spa Bathroom design ideas
More than just a shower, sink and toilet, a spa-inspired master bathroom should feel like more of a retreat than a room with all the features of modern-day plumbing. You can create a sanctuary-style bathroom in your own home by adding a deep soaking tub and spacious shower.

Depending on the space you’re working with, it may also be feasible to add two separate toilets, with what is commonly called a toilet room. These private spaces are properly ventilated and hidden behind closed doors for ultimate privacy. Additionally, if you want this space to appear as if you really splurged, heated floors are something to consider, especially in cooler climates.

Radiant heating can be installed under the tile in your bathroom for a reasonable price. Indeed, heated floors are a luxury addition that doesn’t always come with a luxury price tag.

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