10 Signs You Need To Hire a Foundation Repair Company

Homeowners spend lots of money on repairs each year. Foundation issues top the list of repairs as one can spend about $7,000 on foundation repairs. You can, however, keep these costs low if you can detect these problems early and call a professional foundation repair company to fix the problems.

So, how do you tell if your foundation has issues? Below are 10 signs you need to hire a foundation repair company.

Sagging Floors and Ceilings

Foundation issues can also result in warped floors and sagging floors. When the foundation shifts, it pulls apart the walls that support your home. Movement of the foundation can also lead to weight imbalances, which contributes to sagging ceilings and floors. So, whenever you notice your ceiling caving in, then know it’s time to call a foundation repair company.

Most of the time, small ceiling cracks do not indicate a major structural issue. However, it’s good to know what to be on the lookout for so you can take immediate action in case any serious cracks do appear. If you see any cracks you’re not sure about, contact a foundation professional.

Bowed Walls

Bowed Walls

When your foundation moves, it can make both the exterior and interior walls to bow. This is because the soil surrounding your foundation pushes the walls causing them to cave in. Accordingly, whenever you notice your walls looking like they are caving, it’s time to call a foundation repair company.

If the situation is not taken care of early enough, the entire foundation may end up caving in. The situation becomes worse when you have wet soil surrounding the foundation.

It’s also important to note that paint blisters are not bowing. Paint blisters are usually signs of water damage or too much heat to the paint and wall.

Visible Cracks In The Walls Or Floor

Whenever you see a crack in the walls or floor of your home, this is always a surefire sign of a foundation shift. When these cracks are numerous, then the shift may have been bigger than it should. In such a case, you will need to hire a foundation repair company to remedy the situation before it gets worse.

Windows And Doors Failing To Open And Close

Windows And Doors Failing To Open And Close
If you find it hard to open and close your doors and windows, then that’s a clear sign you have a problem with your foundation. Usually, when the foundation shifts, it drags the doors and windows frames, which distorts their shape. The result is that it becomes tougher for the windows and doors to work, and they eventually jam.

Additionally, humidity (especially during floods or heavy rain), can make your door and windows to stick. It is essential to call a foundation company to evaluate the cause of the problem. This is because a damaged foundation can easily escalate and result in bigger problems.

Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops Moving From The Wall

If you notice your kitchen cabinets and counters pulling away from the wall, then you might have problems with your foundation. At first, the cabinets may move a little. But with time, the gap increases to 1/8” and then 1/4” wide. This continuous increase in the gap between the walls and your countertop is a sign that you have big problems and might need to call a Professional Foundation Repair Long Beach to address the issue.

Damage to your foundation can make the walls to cease to be level. This causes other things in your house, including cabinets and countertops, to tilt from the wall.

Basement Moisture

Moisture in the basement can result in several problems in your home, including mold growth and musty smell. When you notice this problem, it may mean there is moisture in your foundation that sips through foundation cracks, a sign of foundation problems.

Patios and Decks Pulling Away From Your Home

A sturdy deck or patio is always attached to your house. If it’s not connected to your house, then it is not safe, and there is a high chance that it will collapse. The main reason a patio or deck will pull away from your home is because of a damaged foundation. If a patio or deck is damaged, it can also detach itself from the house.

Cracks in Your Foundation

Cracks in Your Foundation
While angular cracks in a foundation should not be a major concern, large cracks on either side of the foundation of your home can be a sign of problems in your foundation. It’s imperative to call a professional to check on the issue before it becomes severe.

Nail Pops

You may observe some small circle cracks in the walls where nails pull away from the drywall. This problem results from wall movement, which is a sign of foundation problems.

Gaps Showing Between the Ceiling and Crown Molding

The ceiling and crown should always sit flush. Any gap between them is never a good sign. If you notice any gaps, there could be two reasons. The crown may not have been installed correctly or it could be a problem with your foundation, which resulted in your home shifting hence the gap.

If you observe any of the signs above in your home, you might be having a problem with your foundation. It is advisable to hire a foundation repair company to look into the problem. If you don’t repair it, you may make costly repairs later.

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