Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Private

Do you have nosey neighbors? Do you feel like they are always watching and you cannot relax in your own backyard? If you have an open space with not a lot of privacy, there are some things you can do to fix this. A lot of them do not require a huge budget or a lot of building experience. Let’s take a look at five ways you can make your backyard more private.

Build a Pergola

If you find that your patio is very open, consider putting a pergola in place. While this may seem like a structure without any walls, it can provide some privacy from neighbors. It has columns and beams. The good thing about a pergola is that it will not shade your patio or mean that you cannot enjoy the sun. It just creates a structure that allows you to feel more private in your own backyard. You can also make it feel more secluded and exclusive when you plant climbing greenery on the columns and beams.

Enjoy a Vertical Garden

Do you enjoy gardening and growing your own vegetables? While some people like to play casino games or watch endless Netflix movies, others like to nourish their plants and watch them grow. If you want to feel more secluded in your yard, consider starting your own vertical garden. This is a vertical stand that allows you to hang planters and pots to act as a screen. Thus, you can enjoy looking at your plants and vegetables, as well as enjoy the privacy behind them.

Grow a Hedge

Of course, high fences are going to offer you the privacy you want in your backyard. But you may be looking for something that is going to add more style to your property and not make it look boring. In this instance, we recommend growing a hedge. This can add a lot of greenery to your backyard, as well as allowing you to feel safe and private from your neighbors. You can grow them to any height you want and shape them how you like. Just be prepared for the maintenance.


Use Bamboo Screening

If you want to create a focal point, but also enjoy some privacy, consider bamboo screening. This can add some interest to your yard and it can be placed on a fence that has gaps between the panels. What’s more, adding bamboo can make you feel like you are somewhere exotic, creating a relaxing atmosphere. It is also budget-friendly and will be affordable even if you have a large backyard.

Consider Lattice Back Planters

There are tall planters that you can purchase to decorate your patio. In addition, you can select planters that have a lattice back. This can create screening so that you can relax in your backyard. In addition, you can choose to grow climbing plants to create even more privacy when you are outdoors. You can even purchase trellises on their own and attach them to fences to create screening if you are on a budget.

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