10 Best Ideas to Remodel your Kitchen on a Budget

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? That’s great! Most people however, would not know where to begin.

Do you start calling your interior designer? Or buying the new tiles you saw at the store the previous week?

The whole thing can be a little overwhelming. That is why I am writing this guide to help you out.

You need to have a plan and decide what you need before you begin remodelling your kitchen.

After you come up with a plan, you need to also have a budget and decide how much you are going to spend on the entire project.

This will help guide you on the kind of materials you will buy and the kind of professionals you might need to involve.

Here are some amazing ideas that you can use when you are set to remodel your kitchen.

1. Retain the plumbing areas

Retain the plumbing areas

One of the ways that you can cut on costs is by using the existing piping as it is. You need not install new pipes and go the extra mile of having to remove the existing ones.

If they are still in good shape and functioning well, you can keep them as they are and you will not have to remove the sinks and dishwasher. This will save you some money which you can use elsewhere.

2. Whiten up old cabinets

Whiten up old cabinets
Cabinets can really cost you a lot when you are renovating your kitchen. However, instead of replacing them, you can consider repainting them to give them a new look.

Bright white is the most ideal when it comes to refurbishing old cabinets. Simply wash, prime and repaint the old cabinets with white glossy paint. This will cut down your budget and you will still give your kitchen a fresh look.

3. Install under the cabinet range hoods

Install under the cabinet range hoods
After you have repainted your old kitchen cabinets with white glossy paint, you can also install under the cabinet range hoods as you renovate your kitchen.

You can opt for white or stainless steel to match the newly painted cabinets.

Make sure you get a high quality product that will serve you for the longest time. The most common sizes of under the range hoods for kitchen are 30 to 60 inches wide as described in this guide.

4. Use doors to hide old cabinets

Use doors to hide old cabinets
There are some cabinets that may be too old to be severed by glossy white paint. You can fix new cabinet doors if the entire cabinet is still strong.

Get professional services of a good carpenter and have him take the cabinet’s measurements. Choose the design that you would like to be fixed and proceed installing the same.

This will make your cabinets look new and stylish.

5. Light up your kitchen space

Light up your kitchen space
Lighting is very important in any kitchen. You can renovate your kitchen by investing in quality lighting that will spruce up your space. Pendant lighting can work really well and also give your kitchen an expensive and elegant look.

You can plan with your designer where you would like to have the lights hanged. They will help to concentrate light on the designated areas. You can as well have under the cabinet lighting that will also give your kitchen a touch of style.

6. Warm your kitchen up with colour

Warm your kitchen up with colour
Colour does magic when it comes to remodelling any space. You might have a very good kitchen design but it just seems a little tired. Spruce up your kitchen with some touch of colour.

A good idea would be to use contrasting shades for the upper and lower cabinets. The ceiling can be a lighter shade of the colour you choose for your walls. This will look beautiful together with the additional lighting.

A rich shade of yellow or earthy green will look good in any kitchen space. You can also add accessories and metallic finishes like a touch of copper or bronze just to spruce it all up.

7. Create a focal point

Create a focal point
You can always define the focal point of your kitchen by making a bold statement when it comes to your sink and faucets.

A fabulous new faucet will make your kitchen look elegant. This should not cost you much if you do not intend to replace all the cabinet knobs to give it a matching look.

8. Build a bar area

Build a bar area
This doesn’t have to literally mean that you need to build a bar area. You can simply plan with your designer to create some open space and have a designated bar area.

Stylish high stools and a tall counter top can work great for the bar area. The liquor cabinet should also be strategically placed near the bar area to give the kitchen an organized look.

9. Play around with wall paper

Play around with wall paper
Wallpaper can be a really great addition to your new kitchen. 3D wall paper can look good on plain walls and also give your kitchen a new, fresh look. Wall papers are quite affordable and they can help you remodel your kitchen even on a tight budget.

10. Add quality finishes

Once you are satisfied that you have done almost all you had desired to do on renovating your kitchen, you can give it a final touch of quality finishes just to make sure everything is looking great.

You can get rid of old hardware that you do not need anymore, replace new door knobs and cabinet handles, hang up a piece of art just to revamp the walls. Hanging some of your family photos can also work great. Make sure not to overdo it though.

In a nutshell, remodelling your kitchen does not have to be an overly expensive affair. You can work with your designer and plan according to your estimated budget. Even if you are planning to DIY, you will definitely need a professional at some point unless you also plan to do the fixing of the cabinets and plumbing if there is any plumbing involved. Insist on quality so that you do not have to be renovating your kitchen every few months.

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