Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views?

For new users, one of the most common questions they ask is “Why Does My TikTok Have 0 Views?”. If you are one of those people, then you are right to ask this question – Many users spend hours creating worthwhile content on TikTok yet still fail to get even a single view. 

This problem can make anyone feel frustrated, and it starts to feel like there is nothing that can be done about it. But today, we will tackle this difficult answer and give you some insights as to why your TikTok videos are performing poorly or getting no views on TikTok altogether. 

So if you want to increase your popularity and break this cycle of not getting any views, follow the tips mentioned below:

7 Reasons Why You Have 0 Views on Your TikTok Videos

Many users just keep thinking that their TikTok videos are not getting views while doing nothing to rectify the reasons for that. In fact, a lot of the users simply refuse to accept that the problem might be related to their videos or their account in general. That’s why we will look at the top 7 reasons that can contribute to your videos’ poor performance on TikTok.

Completion Rate of Your Video

Completion rate means how many viewers have watched your TikTok videos completely. If a video’s completion rate is very low, it means that your potential audience doesn’t like your content. 

The thing with the TikTok algorithm is that it only favors the content which is liked by the potential audience. And one of the best ways to gauge the audience’s interest is through the video completion rate.

So what’s the solution to increasing your completion rate? Start creating content that is interesting and unique so people can watch your videos to the end. That’s the only way to shore up your completion rate on TikTok & to start getting views!

Copyright Infringement

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If you are not new to TikTok & have still failed to get any views on your TikTok videos, there is a good chance that you are uploading other users’ videos! The TikTok algorithm is actually very good at detecting copyright infringement, and whenever someone uploads copied content (video), the video will be deleted or hidden from the audience.

To check whether your video or account has a copyright infringement issue, open the TikTok app and click on the 3 dots (…) icon on the right side. Then click on the messages and check whether you have received any message from TikTok regarding the copyright issue or not.

If you have been guilty of doing that, then you need to stop that habit right away. In fact, delete any videos which are not yours & have received a strike from TikTok.

Remember to always create original content (videos) which is not copied and also adheres to the community guidelines. Staying away from copyrighted content is the only way to ensure that you get views on your videos!

New User

If you are a new user on this social media app, then what you need is patience, as it will definitely take some time to start getting some views. The TikTok app actually limits the activity of new users to ensure that the platform is safe from bots and fake accounts.

For new users, it is important to take it slow & have a complete profile that includes:

  • Profile picture
  • Unique & interesting bio
  • Following other TikTok users 
  • Good username

If you are new to the platform, you can’t do much besides create great content until your TikTok account is aged.

Censored Content

Inappropriate or offensive content can lead to limited views on your videos &, in some cases, even lead to a full-fledged ban on the platform. One of the leading reasons which can lead to poor performance of your videos is the posting of inappropriate content that goes against the community guidelines.

That’s why it is important to stay updated on the community guidelines set forth by TikTok. If you already have videos that are against the community guidelines, delete them right away.

Avoid the content which falls under these categories:

  • Violence
  • Nudity
  • Profanity
  • Political

Having More Than 1 Account

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To stay safe, only use 1 TikTok account on a single device. If you use multiple TikTok accounts on the same device, any action on one account will directly impact all the other accounts. 

The TikTok algorithm is really smart, and any limiting action on one account can affect all of your accounts. If it is really important for you to have multiple accounts, then remember to keep only 1 account per device.

First Five Videos

Your first five videos on TikTok are really important & can be deciding factor between whether you get views or not. The TikTok algorithm checks the performance of your first 5 videos to gauge the viewer’s interest. 

This means that poor performance on the first few videos will tell TikTok that your content is inferior and not worthy. As a result, your views will be limited on any video you post after the 5th one. 

If you have already posted a lot of videos with no success (0 views), delete the first videos and start again with fresh & interesting content. Also, remember not to post anything that is against the rules of TikTok as it will lead to “video is under review,” which is not a good sign for your first few videos.

Use of Cheap VPN

Do you use a VPN for the TikTok application? A cheap VPN can actually hurt your TikTok account, which ultimately leads to limited views or no views on your videos.

For starters, VPNs can be used by bots or fake accounts to access TikTok. When you use the same VPN and somehow get the same IP address as those bad actors, it can put your account at risk. Some other risks associated with the cheap VPN include identity theft and even data theft risks.

Tips to Get More Views on Your TikTok Videos

So far, we have discussed the problems which can affect your account and your video’s performance. Now let’s discuss some tips to help you get more views on your videos:

Make High-Quality Videos

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Make no compromise on the quality of your videos – To ensure that you make high-quality videos; you will need the following:

  • Good Camera
  • Good Lighting
  • Good Background

If you are using a mobile phone for making videos, then make sure that your mobile’s camera is good. Also, avoid using excessive zoom on your camera as it can lower the video quality. If required, you could use some of the built-in filters as well to improve the quality.

Use Popular Hashtags

Just like you would use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, do the same for your TikTok videos as well. Let’s assume that you post funny content on your account – In this case, you could use the hashtags such as #funny, #funnyvideo, #laughter, and so on. 

To get ideas about the popular hashtags, you can explore the hashtags used by other creators as well as the trending videos.

Collaborate with other TikTokers

One of the best ways to get views on your TikTok videos is through collaboration! Especially when you collaborate with popular influencers, you can instantly rise to fame, but it is not so easy to do a collab with influencers. To reach that level where a popular influencer will collaborate with you, start creating great content.

Another trick is to collaborate with users who are at the same level as you. This will expose a new audience to your content as well and increase your views.

Use Media Mister to Get More Views

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If you are already doing all that’s mentioned above & still struggling to get more TikTok views, then you are in luck! There are many services out there that can increase your TikTok videos overnight & make you famous. 

One such service is the “Media Mister,” which has helped a lot of creators to increase their TikTok views. At Media Mister, you can buy TikTok views at affordable prices & solve the problem of not getting any views!

Final Thoughts

By using the tips mentioned above, you can increase your TikTok views and start getting the attention you actually deserve! When it comes to TikTok, there are a lot of factors at play that influences how much attention your videos get. 

That’s why we have listed the issues which could limit your account’s ability to gain views, as well as the tips to help you get started on the journey to TikTok fame.

Author Description: Johny Walker is a Social Media Expert and Web Traffic Consultant for over 10 years. In 2012 he launched Media Mister, a Social Media Marketing Company which is helping businesses to get social presence at an affordable price.

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