Your Luxury Wedding Starts With These 6 Steps


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Yay! The wedding bell is ringing, and you want it to have the wow effect with a touch of luxury. It is usual for a couple to enjoy their wedding to be luxurious. The recent wedding trend is about embracing class and grace while also making an unforgettable statement.

Whether you are having a simple or court wedding, there are ways you can go about it to make it ooze luxury. It does not have to be about how much you spend on your big day. Focusing on the wedding details, from beginning to end, can make your dream wedding come to reality. And here are some steps to help you achieve the elegant wedding you desire.

A Wedding Planner Is An Excellent Idea

Planning a wedding is not the most straightforward task, especially if you want a luxurious wedding. Be intentional and focus on every detail from the moment you send out your wedding invitation to the moment you go for your honeymoon destination after the reception. It is why hiring a wedding planner will save you lots of stress and make sure every detail is given attention.

The wedding planner will handle the communication between your vendors and see they deliver their services according to plan. It is the wedding planner’s job to make sure the wedding of your choice comes to life.

Make A Grand Entrance In A Limo

There is a way that you enter your wedding venue with a limo that makes an instant statement of classiness. There is so much focus on the event, the couple’s clothes, and the menu of the day that all other essentials like the reception entrance are neglected.

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Limo is one of the best cars you can use to enter your reception, and you don’t have to fret if you don’t own one. A limo hire will save the day, making you enter your wedding glamorously. Also, you need to celebrate your special day with grandeur. Why not with a limo entrance.

Classy Stationery

You don’t have to wait till the deal day before your wedding oozes luxury. You can start by making sure the invitation card to your wedding looks classy and intentional. Also, consistency is critical with your stationery. From the save the date card to your wedding invitation, it will make your guests feel your wedding theme even before the D-day.

Also, let your stationery reflect your personality. It is a way to make your wedding look more extravagant and luxurious.

Let Your Decoration Scream Class

One essential that makes a wedding look luxurious is how you decorate your reception venue. It is vital to let all your decorations sync together and let the color palette be a distinct color. Another great way to make your wedding look extravagant is to use striking centerpieces and other fancy table decorations.

You can also make big flower arrangements in a circular shape to add luxury to your wedding, but if you are no lover of flowers, you can get an alternative centerpiece that is equally attractive.

Play With Lighting 

Yeah! Let those lights come through and shine so bright. Gone are the days when there is colored lighting at the reception with the joyful couple drizzling the room in a solid blue or purple. If you know how to play around very well with your lighting, your wedding venues will drip in riches.

To make more of a statement, you can hang a big chandelier over some guests’ tables and hang another above the altar as you exchange your vows. It will scream class and luxury. If you prefer lights in smaller sizes and still want them to shine bright, you can place the light on a dull color backdrop to show contrast. If you desire the lighting to draw more attention, you can place them strategically on the floor leading to the guests’ tables or surrounding the dance floor.


Wedding pictures keep your memories fresh; that’s why photography at your wedding must focus on every detail. For example, if the car used to convey the couple to the wedding venue is very expensive, it is the photographer’s work to capture every detail to impact the event significantly. It’s imperative that you choose a professional Wedding Photographer Bath to get the best shots possible of your special day. This also applies to when the couple is wearing something highly-priced. It might be the shoes for the bride or the tuxedo for the groom. The goal is to make the couple look as glamorous as possible. 

Your wedding becomes a glamorous event when you follow these easy steps, and you get to watch your luxurious dream wedding come to life.

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