How An Insanely Busy Person Can Clean A House Effectively


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You’re a busy person. You have a full-time job; and run your own business on the side, and also take care of your kids and house. Needless to say, it’s tough balancing all these things and cleaning up the house when you don’t have enough time in the day. But no one said that life would be easy! You just need to find ways to make your day go by faster so that you can squeeze in some extra time for chores.

Here are some tips on how an insanely busy person can clean their house effectively.

Effectively Cleaning With A Busy Schedule

Cleaning is really not that hard, especially when you have a sense of what needs to be done and how to work smarter rather than harder. You want to be cleaning your home on a regular schedule. If not, things can quickly pile up. So take some time today to think about your cleaning routine and make it as effective and efficient as possible!

Use these tips to help you get on track with your cleaning and feel proud of your clean home once it’s all done. 

1) Create A Schedule For Yourself

Write down every task or activity that you plan on doing each day, week, or month so that you know what needs to get done and in what order.

2) Use A Timer

Set your phone or alarm clock for 15-minute increments and work on one task at a time. You can also download an app like “Keep Me On My Toes” which will give you reminders to take micro-breaks throughout the day.

3) Keep Your To-Do List In Sight

Keep a cleaning to-do list on your fridge so that you can see it every day and cross items off as they’re completed – You’ll be amazed how satisfying it is seeing that checkmark next to the last item!

4) Divide Task Into Smaller Ones

Divide larger tasks into smaller ones so that they don’t seem as daunting. For example, if giving up soda is one of your goals to make life more manageable, vow to only drink one a day for the next week.

5) Don’t Worry About The Little Things

You don’t have to scrub every single inch of your home in order to maintain a clean house. Instead, focus on the main areas such as your kitchen counters, bathroom floors, and stovetops.

6) Set Aside Time On The Weekends

Set aside a few hours on the weekend to do all your laundry and deep clean – This way you don’t have to worry about doing those tasks during the week.

Clean A House2

7) Ask for Help

If you have a partner, family member, or friend who is willing to volunteer their time to help out around the house, take them up on it! It will be a huge load off your shoulders and you’ll be able to focus on other things.

8) Get Creative

If you don’t want to do the dishes, cut up an apple for your lunch tomorrow instead. If you don’t feel like vacuuming, try organizing your bookshelf. Be creative and find ways to make your time more productive!

9) Take Advantage Of Time

Take full advantage of the time you spend waiting – Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed, use that time to get things done. Use the 15 minutes before you leave for work to take a shower, load the dishwasher and make breakfast.

10) Stay Organized

Keep a small dishpan on the side of your sink or counter to hold all the sponges, cleaning cloths, and towels that you use so that they stay dry. Keep a designated basket in your closet for things that need to be washed.

11) Be Patient With Yourself

Give yourself credit when you do accomplish something – It’s really hard getting everything done, but don’t give up and pat yourself on the back every now and then! You’re doing great!

It can be tough to keep your home clean and organized, especially if you’re a busy individual who is juggling multiple responsibilities. However, it doesn’t have to seem impossible when you use these tips for effective cleaning with a busy schedule! These are great ways to make the most of every minute in order to get more things done. Plus, by reminding yourself that life isn’t supposed to be easy and being patient with yourself as long as you don’t give up entirely, all those little tasks will soon feel much easier than they did before. Who knows? You might find out how rewarding it feels when everything around your house looks neat and tidy!

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