Wood Fireplace Usage Tips to Keep the Whole Family Warm and Safe

Wood fireplaces offer homes a cosy and aesthetic feel; this is from the beautiful dancing flames against the log and the crackling sounds. Not only does the fireplace serve as a heating solution, but also an excellent interior décor if you find the right design. However, the fireplace comes with a significant safety concern. Just a tiny mistake can lead to a fire outbreak. You, therefore, need to be informed of some of the safety precautions to take when using a wood fireplace. This article has got you covered as it discusses some of the helpful tips when using a wood fireplace to keep your family warm.

  • Ensure you use the appropriate fuel

Once you install your fireplace, you first need to find the right type of firewood. The recommended type of firewood should be well-seasoned dry hardwood with a moisture content of less than 18%. This will ensure high heat efficiency as the wood will burn hot enough. As a result, the creosote accumulation will be significantly reduced. This is important since the accumulation of creosote in flue gases can produce toxic chemicals or flue fires. An excellent example of the best firewood option is redwood, as it burns and stays hot for a longer duration. You are strongly warned against using treated timber as it produces toxins while burning. Coal and charcoal are also not an advisable fuel source as incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide, resulting in suffocation. 

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  • Get a protective fireguard

A fireguard is a necessity when you have an installed wood fireplace. It protects you from fire hazards by creating a barrier. Most fireplaces include glass screens as the fireguard, but it has not proven effective. Glass is a good conductor of heat; as you enjoy the warmth being emitted from the fireplace, it also gets heated. Thus, this does not protect you from the possibility of getting burnt. Consider adding another layer of protective coating, especially if you have kids and pets. 

  • Buy approved wood fireplaces

The market for home heating solutions is filled with an endless list of heaters from different models and heating mechanisms. To avoid getting your hand on an ineffective and unsafe wood heater, you will need to research the product. The heating solution that you select should comply with the latest safety and emission standards. Currently, the permissible emission factor should be at most 1.5g/kg with at least 60% efficiency. You might also want to consider the burning length of the wood heater. A good wood fireplace should be able to sustain the heat for at least 8 hours.

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  • Slow combustion fireplaces

Installation of a slow combustion fireplace has proven to be safe and ideal for family use. It is environmental-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. On the other hand, open wood fireplaces waste a lot of heat, produce soot and harmful products. But for the slow combustion heaters integrate a stylish house appeal with effective heating solutions. In addition, they have lower operational and maintenance costs.

  • Maintenance

Wood fireplaces need to be cleaned of any dirt or combustion waste product. It is necessary that you inspect and clean the chimney and firebox after each heating session. Another necessary hack is to use a mask when cleaning the fireplace to avoid inhaling any harmful or toxic substance. Also, you need to immediately replace any worn-out parts before the damage gets out of control. Lastly, it is best to keep items far from the fireplace to reduce incidents of fire accidents. This is because sparks and heat can easily cause a fire outbreak.

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