Will Your Carpets Benefit From a Professional Clean?

It’s one of those conundrums that tenants and homeowners face; do you clean your carpets yourself, or pay for a professional service?

No doubt you are already vacuuming your rugs and carpets regularly, so what is to be gained by paying for cleaners to come in? Anyway, can’t you just shampoo the carpets yourself if needs be?

Here is why you might, or might not, need professional carpet cleaners, and a few reasons why vacuuming alone might not be cutting it. 

Do you need professional cleaners for your carpets?

Your circumstances may determine whether you need to call in professional cleaners, or at least how often.

If you live in a home where there is low traffic, no children or pets, then your carpets will be cleaner than those who do, and who have more people moving about.

Office flooring for instance requires regular cleaning due to footwear being worn indoors, and the sheer volume of traffic moving around.

However, there are other reasons to use professional cleaners and that is the range of services they offer and the equipment and tools they use. Calling in a local London carpet cleaner for instance would give you access to deep cleaning and other services that would be useful if you had pets and children. 

Why can’t you do it yourself?

Nothing is stopping you from cleaning your own carpets, but as you have just read, professional services have equipment that is unlikely to be in your home.

You could buy a carpet cleaning machine, or rent a deep cleaner, but does it make financial sense compared to hiring a professional? Cleaning your carpet yourself could also lead to damage.

It is easy to cause damage to a carpet or rug by using the wrong products on them. Carpets can end up with discoloration from stain removal when done incorrectly.

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There are plenty of reasons why rugs are essential home decor, but you could easily damage an expensive rug by using the wrong cleaning products, or not spot testing when removing stains. Professional services will be aware of these issues, and they will be insured against any accidental damage. 

How often should you clean your carpets?

This is a question that often brings up a wide range of answers. Again it will depend on the amount of use the flooring is seeing. Are there children playing on the carpet regularly, is there a dog in the house, do people often wear outside footwear in the home?

Perhaps strangely, the Environmental Protection Agency has no guidelines on how often to clean carpets. However, they recommend following the manufacturer’s advice.

This could mean doing some of the following: 


Vacuuming for light traffic – once a week. If you have pets, children, or heavier traffic then you should vacuum twice a week. 


When it comes to shampooing, the amount of times you should do this in a year varies wildly depending on the circumstances. For light traffic, it may only be necessary to shampoo a carpet once a year. For people with allergies, and those who smoke, you should be carrying out a proper clean every 2-3 months. 

What would happen if you just vacuumed instead?

If you ignore the need to thoroughly clean your carpets and rugs then you will be putting your health at risk. Allergens and bacteria will build up in the fibers of your carpet. Dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dust, and general grime, will become trapped in your carpet and can lead to various issues including asthma.

Not cleaning a carpet properly will also lead to odors, damage to the fibers, and you will lose the luster your flooring once had. You can make your flooring stylish by choosing the right carpet design, but if you don’t clean it, it will look dull. 

Vacuuming the carpet
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What can a professional carpet cleaner do?

Professional cleaners offer a range of services that would be hard to match by doing it yourself. A good carpet cleaner should use eco-friendly products, and also avoid harsh chemicals.

They should also be insured, and you should check this first. This is important as carpets can damage easily, and the color can be removed through the use of the wrong cleaning products. However, professional services will be experienced and knowledgeable in these areas.

They will be able to provide a deep steam clean that will loosen and remove all the grimes and dirt that has become attached to the fibers. This is also important, as vacuuming alone cannot remove these issues. The International Association of Home Inspectors reports on the dangers of mold in carpets, and this can be another hidden problem that vacuuming cannot fix. 


Largely, your carpets will benefit from a professional clean in areas you cannot see. All allergens, hidden grime, pests, and other unpleasant things attached to the fibers will be removed.

Visually, you will see a huge difference after a deep carpet clean. But, perhaps equally important, is the fact that your carpet will last longer if cleaned regularly, and properly.

If you carry out carpet cleaning yourself, be sure to do a spot test in a discreet area to make sure the carpet will not be damaged. If unsure, then consider using a professional service.

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