How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good in 2022

Coming across a bed bug infestation in your home can be extremely stressful. Your home is supposed to be a safe place for you and those living in your household, and all of a sudden it has been raided by uninvited guests who can bite you! 

Getting rid of these blood sucking pests can prove challenging, and expensive. However, if you don’t deal with them during the early stages, then the problem might get worse. Homeowners are advised to be proactive when it comes to treating and preventing bed bugs. They must do whatever it takes to eradicate the bed bugs, and keep them away from their homes on a permanent basis. 

Contact Professionals

If you are struggling to remove the bed bugs from your home, then it might be worthwhile hiring a specialist who deals with infestations. Reputable pest control companies will have the experience and professional bed bug treatment to get the job done properly. 

They will also be a to advise you on how to stop the pests from making a return. Because it’s often hard to know whether or not you have an infestation in your home, bed bug specialists will explain to their clients what to look out for such as: 

  • If someone living in your household has been bitten by bed bugs: After biting their victim, bed bugs tend to leave a red mark with a zigzag pattern on the person. Don’t be surprised if the person develops blisters after being bitten. 
  • Spots on the bedding: Bed bugs often leave excrement on bedding. Experts will often examine the bedding in their client’s house to see if they notice any evidence of bed bugs. 
  • Nasty odor: In rooms with an infestation you can often smell a range of unpleasant odors. However, other pests leave bad odors behind, so don’t assume that bed bugs are the only infestation in your house. 
  • Eggshells: Although it is difficult to spot bed bug’s eggshells with the naked eye because they are so small, keep an eye out for tiny shells with a light color on your bedding, carpet, or furniture.

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Clean your Mattress

Although bed bugs can be found in other areas in your house, they seem to enjoy hiding in mattresses. By cleaning your mattress thoroughly, you might be able to remove a lot of the bugs. Grab a brush and scrub the mattress’s material. By doing so, the bed bug’s shells and eggs will start to loosen. Once you have scrubbed the entire mattress, vacuum it. 

Once you have vacuumed the mattress, don’t forget to remove the vacuum bag. If you don’t, the bed bugs will be able to survive inside the bag and they could spread throughout your house once again. After vacuuming the mattress, dump everything from inside the vacuum’s bag into a sealed bag. Put the sealed bag outdoors for a few days so that the bugs will die. 

Declutter your Home

Bed bugs are masters at hiding, so it is of vital importance that you declutter your home before you begin treating the critters. If the bugs don’t have anywhere to hide, they won’t want to stay in your home. Get rid of any old items around your home that they could use as a hiding spot. 

However, if you are sure the bugs have been using a certain item to hide, there is no point in moving it to another area inside your home. Instead of moving the item to another room, put it outdoors. 

By identifying the affected areas, you will be able to prevent the bugs from reproducing. Check the following:

  • Bed frame
  • Couch
  • Baseboards
  • Furniture
  • Behind and under picture frames

If you find bed bugs or their eggs, whether they are dead or alive, put them inside a sealed jar with rubbing alcohol to kill them.

Keep your Home Hygienic

Any item in your room that comes in contact with the floor must be washed frequently. Wash and dry your bed covers, sheets and any other item in your bedroom. If you have already had a bed bug infestation in your home, then you should wash all of your clothes in your wardrobe just in case there are eggs or bugs hiding in the material. Garments that cannot be washed should be dry cleaned. Avoid mixing clean clothing items with items that haven’t been in contact with bed bugs.

If your bedroom mattress has been infested and you don’t want to throw it away, you might want to consider investing in a bed bug mattress encasement. If you purchase a new mattress you can use the encasement to help prevent future infestations. While disposing of your old mattress, cover it with plastic to protect those dumping the mattress. 

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