Why You Need to Prep for ACT/SAT to Get Interior Design Degree

Why You Need to Prep for ACT/SAT to Get Interior Design Degree

The truth is that no one actually enjoys writing SAT or ACT tests. As a matter of fact, they frequently run havoc with students across the country who want to get into college, but they are a necessary part of life for anyone living in the United States. So, what do people who are interested in interior design have to do with this? They have to write SAT tests, as well, just like anyone else.

You’re probably not alone if you’re wondering what an SAT or ACT is. SAT is short for the Scholastic Assessment Test, and ACT is short for American College Testing. What they do is assess a student’s abilities in writing, math, English, and science, depending on the test. This is standard America uses in deciding whether or not a person is college material.

Do You Need to Do SAT?

Are they accurate? That’s up for debate, but a study done about fifteen years ago concluded that they were accurate in predicting a person’s learned skills, but were not accurate in measuring their reasoning ability. However, flawed or accurate the results, they are the accepted bar by which all students looking to get in college are measured.

But, wouldn’t these ACT and SAT tests just apply to a few eggheads trying to get into some sort of ivy-league college somewhere? Aren’t they the only ones who would need to get the best online ACT test prep? The real answer lies in who requires students to do an SAT test in order to apply to their institution.

The answer is that, if you’re living in the United States, everyone requires that an application includes that person’s SAT or ACT scores. And that’s the problem. This is the accepted method of getting into university in America. As a result, even colleges and universities that offer an interior design require these scores, regardless of the field the person is going into.

Does Anyone Enjoy SAT?


This means that SAT tests are an essential part of getting into college. The best example for comparison is something that almost everyone’s run into at one time or another: their credit score. Yes, we’re talking about that number that is forever associated with our names and determines whether or not we get a credit card, loan, or even a mortgage.

Does anyone really like having one? No. There is not a person on the face of the Earth who actually likes having a number assigned to them! Are they accurate? Again, just like SATS, a credit score was supposed to be an indicator of a person’s payment history and be taken into account with the rest of their credit history. Today, it’s usually the only thing that lenders take into account.

That’s why credit scores are a lot like SAT and ACT tests. We’d prefer not to have them, but they are there, and they’re not going anywhere soon! So, whether a person with therapeutic skills looking to get into psychology or a person with design skills looking to go into interior designing, you have to get good
SAT results.

Can You Study for a SAT?

The best way to achieve a good SAT score is to remember just what that study about them said: they measure training and knowledge, not reasoning, and that’s very good news for you.

A person can study and prepare for a test that measures what you know about a subject and just how well-trained you are. That just requires good preparation. It’s an exam that tests how well a person can solve problems, use abstract reasoning, and those other higher forms of thinking that make that kind of test almost impossible to study for.

How do I Prep for a SAT or ACT?


So, getting into college with a good SAT score is a must, but the good news is that you can study and prepare for it. The first way to accomplish this is through peer support with fellow students who are also looking to get the best SAT scores they can.

Before you begin, however, keep in mind the basic attributes that everyone requires to do effective SAT and ACT prep: patience, perseverance, and focus. The first two are self-explanatory. The last is one of the most important. Don’t get distracted from your prep. Keep focused on what’s in front of you and avoid anything or anyone that might distract you from your work.

There are other resources out there, though, and taking advantage of every tool and resource at your disposal is essential in getting a good SAT or ACT score. Among those additional resources is to take a look at what’s available online. There are many websites now that offer SAT prep help, tutorials, and study aids.

Keep in mind that these study aids don’t have to be mind-numbing, either. There are some that engage their student in the gaming benefits of education, for example, by using online games to help to teach students to retain the material they need for succeeding at tests like SAT and ACT. Use them. You’ll be glad you did.

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