Why Use Climate Controlled Storage Units

A basic self-storage facility might not be enough to store all your belongings. Of course, renting a self-storage facility can be a cheaper option. However, these storage units are limited when it comes to space and climatic conditions. That’s where climate-controlled storage comes in. With climate-controlled storage, you have a storage unit that cannot be affected by extreme climatic conditions. From snow, extreme temperatures, humidity, to mold, a climate-controlled storage unit is all you need to keep your valuable intact for longer periods of time. So, Why use climate-controlled storage?? Does climate-controlled storage offer any benefits? Well, these questions are going to be answered below. Keep reading!

Protecting Your Valuable from Extreme Temperature

Extreme temperatures are common in most parts of the world. In fact, they can climb sharply to as high as 100 degrees during the summertime and get to the freezing point during the winter. That’s why you should protect your valuables from these extreme temperature fluctuations.

For instance, sensitive items such as wood furniture and antiques are easily affected by extreme temperatures. Likewise, you cannot leave items like musical instruments and electronics at the mercy of extreme temperatures. Also, if you value your pieces of art, books, as well as business records—investing in climate-controlled storage isn’t an option. With climate controlled facilities, you have storage units that have regulated temperatures. So, you can be sure that all your items are kept at a constant temp of above freezing point and below 80-90 degrees Celsius. The following items can highly benefit from climate-controlled storage facilities.
Protecting Your Valuable from Extreme Temperature

  • Antiques and wood furniture
  • Mattresses, vinyl records, and musical instruments
  • Books, magazines, and electric equipment
  • Important business documents and upholstered furniture

Great Air Quality

Air quality plays a key role when it comes to storing your possessions. So, don’t overlook it when shopping around for a quality storage unit. Unlike conventional storage units, climate-controlled units come with better air quality. In most cases, climate-controlled units are designed to continuously circulate air. This means that the air in these units remains clean. Thus, you don’t have to open them from time to time for fresh air. Remember, sensitive electronics and documents require a high quality of air. So, if you value your items, think in terms of a climate-controlled storage unit.

Additional Barrier to Deal with Dust and Debris

Usually, climate-controlled storage units are equipped with insulated roofs, walls, as well as floors. That’s why they aren’t venerable to flooding, dirt, debris, and dust. Plus, since they are situated indoors, rodents and insects won’t have easy access into climate-controlled units. So, if you want the items the way you store them, investing in a climate-controlled storage unit can be a nice option.

Peace of Mind

Of course, climate-controlled storage units are more expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, if you need peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your items, consider investing in these types of storage units. Things like extreme temperatures, mold, dust, and floods won’t bother you. Plus, they are effective in storing valuable items on a long term basis.

Humidity Control Offers More Protection

If you want more protection, go for a unit with a special humidity control feature. Remember, humidity can highly affect your possessions. So, go for units equipped with special humidity control features if you want more protection. With these units, you have storage facilities that limit the level of humidity to 55 percent by removing excess moisture from your unit’s air.

Items such as antique furniture can highly benefit from this feature. It eliminates the possibility of your items remaining dump—especially during the fall season. Also, the feature ensures that your wood has sufficient humidity. Remember, extreme dryness can damage items such as musical instruments, electric equipment, as well as wine.

Editor’s Note: If a humidity-controlled storage unit is beyond your reach (cost is so high for you), be sure to have regular access to your storage facility. Open the doors—air will flow in and regulate the unit’s humidity level.

How to Choose the Right Unit

Now that you have navigated the temporary corner of benefits of climate-controlled storage units, let us dive into how to can choose the right component. Remember, getting it right is key. So, don’t choose any unit. When shopping around for a climate-controlled unit, consider the following factors:

Geographical Location

Where do you live? What about the temperature of that geographical location? Does it change frequently? These are some of the questions you need answering when choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. If the place is prone to extreme temperature fluctuations, then consider investing in a unit featuring adequate temperature control features.
Geographical Location


Accessibility is another important aspect to consider. How often will you be accessing the unit? Do you need anytime accessibility? If you need anytime access, go for a unit with this provision. If you need regular accessibility, choose a unit that’s located close to your home.

Items to Store

It’s important to note that not all items will require a climate-controlled storage facility. While others are prone to extreme weather conditions (thus requiring a climate-controlled unit) others will just require a conventional storage unit. So, evaluate the type of items you want to store. The following items require climate-controlled storage:

  • Antique furniture, art, as well as paintings
  • Sports equipment and electric items like video players, TV, and computers
  • Electrical products and music instruments
  • Important business files and leather-based clothing

The Bottom-line

Want a storage facility that can give you the utmost peace of mind when it comes to storing your valuables? Well, it starts with investing in a climate-controlled storage facility. With this type of facility, you have better control of extreme weather conditions like humidity and temperature. The above are the benefits of investing in a climate-controlled facility. Invest in one and store your valuables with confidence.

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