What Are The Benefits of Wired CCTV Camera Set-ups?

There is no denying you should get a CCTV set-up in your home. Home security cameras are great for peace of mind, deterring thieves, catching thieves and reducing your insurance costs. When it comes to CCTV systems there is a lot of variation in what is available on the market with various pros and cons. Here’s a list of reasons why wired CCTV camera set-ups are ultimately the best.

When choosing what type of CCTV camera system to go with, there are several things to consider.

In a world of “smart” products, WI-FI and battery-operated devices, there is a large number of products and brands on the market. One thing that can really hinder the decision-making process is the effort involved in installing a security camera system. The cost of CCTV installation is not as high as you might think and is worth it if you are going to try and do it right.

It would be unfortunate investing a lot of money in home security for it to fail when you need it most, Simply because you skimped on a few hundred dollars on the installation. There are two main differences to consider when choosing between wired and wireless security cameras you get for your family. This is the reliability and number of cameras you can use.



Whilst wireless CCTV systems are great for renters and those on a budget, they have their drawbacks. The greatest drawback is the interference you can experience which can have an overall impact on the quality of the video and recording. Interferences can occur as a result of WiFi and other wireless signals nearby creating a bandwidth overlap. This is particularly troublesome in densely populated areas such as in cities or apartment buildings where your neighbor’s electronic devices are interfering.

Wired systems provide a much more stable connection between the cameras, recorder and the router, ultimately offering superior performance. However, it is important to note that both wired and wireless cameras are both susceptible to power outages.

More Cameras

Most wireless security camera systems only allow for up to 4 cameras to be connected at a time. This is fine for smaller homes as it should be able to cover each side of the house and all the entrances. However, if you live in something a bit bigger or the cameras are being installed in a commercial building, you will really need to get a wired setup.

Wired CCTV cameras can also be spread all over a large building much more easily because you do not have to worry about the range of your WiFi router. Many houses today have both 2.4G and 5G signals on their routers. Whilst 5G is much faster than 2.4G, it is has a much shorter range. If you are going to buy a wireless system, you will want to set it up on the 2.4G network.

Notes for installation

If you have spare powerpoints in your roof and you’re happy to run your own cables, you may not need to hire anyone to install the wired CCTV system for you. If you find this daunting or there’s nowhere to power them, then you will certainly need a professional electrician.
Notes for installation
Wire-Free is another type of security camera system, which is similar to the wireless systems but instead of backing up to a recorder, it is entirely cloud-based. This can be cheaper, but it means it will not work if the internet is down. These are also very easy to set up yourself.

Should you get Wired CCTV?

It’s worth getting a security system and cameras for all homes and businesses. Whether you go down the wired or wireless path really depends on the size of your building and your budget. The wired option is always going to be the best option, but it is not suited to all properties.

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