Why Mirrors Can Transform the Look and Feel of Your Home



If you’re only putting mirrors in your bathroom, you are missing out on their beneficial and transformation qualities. Adding mirrors to your living spaces brings an unexpected elegance and practicality. They also help enlarge smaller spaces via their reflective qualities. 

Using Vanity Mirrors in Unexpected Places

Vanity mirrors don’t have to stay in the bathroom. You can hang a vanity mirror over your dresser or use one as a headboard. They also create space when hung above a fireplace. If you’ve got an empty wall, consider filling it with a framed or unframed vanity mirror. When hanging mirrors, consider using two directly across from each other for additional light and the illusion of more space. 

Choosing Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture creates a subtle bit of sparkle and shine. Mirrored headboards come in a variety of styles from glamorous to boho. Mirrored side tables unexpectedly add shine and elegance. Rather than placing a piece of glass atop a sideboard, use a mirror instead to reflect light upward. You might even get lucky enough to find a canopy bed frame with mirrored legs. 

Reflecting Your Greenery

The way you place your mirrors can affect the design of your room. If you have plants and greenery, place your mirrors in a way that makes your room look like it’s filled with them. If you have limited light in your room, the mirror placement can bring more light to the natural elements. 

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Hang a Mirror in Your Dining Room

Dining rooms can be notoriously difficult to decorate. You can enhance the size of your dining room and bring more light to the space by hanging a framed mirror at one end. Make sure it is tall enough to reflect your light fixtures. If the mirror is framed, don’t match it with your table, use a different material and color to bring interest into the room. 

Make Your Small Space Grow

The best way to make your small space look larger is to use large pieces. While you don’t want to overwhelm the room with furniture that is too big, consider placing a large mirror in the room. It will make the space look exceptionally larger and bring in more light. A mirror that reaches from the floor to ceiling creates instant artwork and balances the other pieces in the room. Try resting the mirror on the floor rather than hanging directly on the wall to see how the angle affects your space.

Add Small Mirrors as Accent Pieces

Gallery walls have been popular for years. Rather than using framed art and photos, consider creating a gallery wall of small mirrors in various shapes, sizes, and frames. The mirrors will look like jewels while reflecting light. You can also add small mirrors to unexpected places around your home, adding light and reflection to various rooms. Look for mirrors wrapped in vintage frames. If you like the frame, but not the color, paint them to coordinate with your desired aesthetic. 

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