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Why Is It Important to Reduce Electronic Waste?

Electric waste such as old mobile phones, machine washiness, microwaves, chargers, television, etc., is all part of it. 

Did you know there were 57.4 million tons of electric waste thrown away by humans in 2021? Well, that’s too much. According to some of the research, these electronic waste items are getting bigger and to a great extent over the past several decades. 

The technology is getting growth, so the old items are becoming a waste to the humans. These can become toxic; if contaminated in water, they would be too harmful to humans as well as marine life. 

EPA suggests recycling this electronic waste, as there are more than 60 million tons of e-waste produced every year. That’s why you should try to reduce electronic waste, or you can hire Electronic waste removal georgia companies. 

It is indispensable to dispose of electronic waste. Let’s check out why it is important to reduce electronic waste in a few important points. 

Dangerous for landfills 

As we mentioned above, electronic waste can emit hazardous chemicals. They contain metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and chromium, which can lead to toxicity. So, you should properly dispose of this electronic waste. 

They are recyclable 

Almost every electronic waste can be recycled through several processes. It is sad to see that only 17.4% of e-waste was recycled in 2019. Electronic waste contains particles such as aluminum, gold, plastic, silver, and copper, which can be recycled. 

If you are dumping these particles, you are making a wrong move. These toxic substances are harmful to the environment. Create a positive impact by diverting these electronic wastes away from landfill. If you are located in Georgia, contact the electronics and IT equipment recycling services to take care of your e-waste.

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Repair them 

There is electronic waste such as mobile phones, cameras, etc. Search for those people who can repair these. With this, the landfills won’t be filled with toxic particles. Moreover, these repaired devices can be donated to further people who can’t afford them. 

How to minimize electronic waste with these simple tips 

  • You can donate to help create social awareness. There will be donation boxes or charity houses available in your town where you can donate them. 
  • As said above, repair and use them until you are completely done with them, Or just sell them online after doing some little maintenance on your device. 
  • Instead of throwing out your old mobile devices, you can use them for some other things. We all are changing our phones every year, and it would be great if you used our old cell phones for other purposes. In this way, the electronic waste will be lower. 
  • There are companies where you can give them your old things and get a new one. Search for companies in your area; it will reduce much of the electronic waste. 
  • Buy Energy Star-rated electronic items that consume less energy than usual ones. 

Keep in mind that before donating or reselling your old devices, such as mobile phones, you must backup your data, or else you won’t get it back. 

Final words 

Electronic waste removal companies do perform well. However, small items such as phones, microwaves, etc., can be recycled or reused. You should try donating them to charity to save the landfills. 

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