Why Hexo Services is a Better Option Than Its Competitors

Whether you own or are buying a property of any type, if electricity isn’t already a feature, it soon will be. Everything electrical in a building needs to reach safety requirements; otherwise, it risks lives and property. Hexo Services has fully trained electrical inspectors with years of experience. They know each property has different electric needs and safety requirements.


Most people don’t realise that privately owned homes require electrical safety inspections. It is viewed as something for landlords, flats and commercial buildings. Residential Pre-Purchase Visual Inspections are a legal requirement for anyone purchasing a home and save on any nasty electrical surprises after the sale has gone through.

Electrics deteriorate and require maintenance in every type of building. A trained expert takes a look at the electric installations for signs of damage without testing the circuits.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

This is like the visual inspection but more detailed and a legal requirement for all landlords, including private landlords.

Remedial Works

If any faults are discovered, Hexo Services can carry out the remedial works to bring the property up to requirement. Sometimes even on the same day to minimise disruptions and keep costs down.

This is what happens if an electrical or lighting test fails. Faults discovered through the testing are labelled with C1 requiring urgent attention and C3 being a fail but not unsafe. Once the fault is fixed, a new certificate is issued proving the building is safe.

Commercial Electrical Installation Report

Much like residential buildings, commercial buildings require an electrical safety report. The buildings usage and how exposed it is determine the frequency, but most require testing every five years.
Commercial Electrical Installation Report
The Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report is a yearly inspection of 20 per cent of the wiring and circuit accessories, so every five years the building has a completed inspection. This is cheaper and simpler than having the entire building’s electric systems inspected every five years, particularly if major repairs need to be carried out to make the building safe.

PAT Testing

PAT testing inspects the portable electric appliances on the property. It enables compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations but isn’t just for employers. If you buy second-hand appliances, be sure they have a green PAT testing pass sticker prior to purchase. Anyone can notice a frayed wire on the kettle in the break room,

PAT testing goes beyond, checking underneath the plug top. The fuses and connections are checked, and wires tightened. A trained electrician can see more in the visual inspection than the frayed wire.

Emergency Lighting Test

Emergency Lighting Test
Hexo Services can carry out Emergency Lighting Tests after hours to minimise business disruptions. Emergency Lighting Test has to be carried out monthly as well as an extended test every year.

Testing electrics in any sort of building is absolutely vital for safety. It can even save lives and is a legal requirement in certain types of buildings. Even private homeowners can benefit from safety tests.

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