Why Designer Radiators are the 2021 Must-have Home Accessory

Ensuring a warm and cosy home is top of most, if not all homeowners’ list of wants when it comes to interior design. Choosing and installing radiators in the main living areas is an easy and practical way to control the temperatures and turn up the heat when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Yet, while they are certainly practical, radiators don’t have to be boring. They can be striking, statement pieces that spark discussion or smooth, tactile additions to the home that complement the existing décor and add the all-important finishing touch.

Interior design experts are predicting a number of design trends taking precedence as we start a brand new year. After the challenges of 2020, comfort is expected to a big draw, with rustic designs and a country cottage vibe very much in demand. Original features, vintage chic and decorative, Arts and Crafts style motifs are also coming to the fore, offering a sense of history and handmade precision to the various elements of home design. Meanwhile, dreams of travel to far-flung places have not quite been put to bed, as other interior design trends are predicted to revolve around bold, safari shades, exotic, tropical moods and the calming effect of a distant sea.

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Design your own radiator

All of this is all very well, but how do these interior design trends translate to radiators? Now, more than ever, homeowners are offered an astonishing array of designs, colours, shapes and finished when it comes to choosing how their radiators will look. More people are taking an interest in the smaller elements of home design, especially after possibly having spent months at home, working remotely to help combat the pandemic we have been living through. Adding designer radiators can also help improve your home’s aesthetics, adding value to its overall price.

There are various elements involved in choosing designer radiators. Colour plays a big part and the choice can be wider than ever these days. You no longer have to just choose between black, white or silver. You can order your radiators in almost every colour under the sun, thanks to the specialist radiator paints that have been developed to stand up to regular, rapid temperature changes and daily wear and tear. Think about whether you want to create a statement look, or to blend your radiators into your current colour scheme. Are you planning to change your radiators regularly, or do you expect your choices to last you for a decade or more?

Photo finish

Next, think about the material you want your designer radiators to be made from. Common choices include cast iron – for a more traditional look, stainless steel for the sleek, industrial feel and aluminium for a clean, modern vibe. You can, depending on which material you choose, go for different finishes too – matt, gloss or mirror, for example. This can also help define the mood of the room, as a matt finish adds tactile smoothness, while a gloss or mirror finish offers intriguing reflections, angles and light play.

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The next thing to decide when looking at designer radiators for 2021 is where you are going to put them. This will inform what shape and size you can go for. For example, a large living room with plenty of wall space can easily take a double panelled model that outputs a lot of heat to keep the occupants warm and toasty. A smaller bathroom would be a better place to install a slimline design or even a heated towel rail that can double as a radiator to save room. if you want to learn more head to Posh Rads

Window dressing

Designer radiators are also frequently found underneath windows to help boost the heat – the cold air from the window lifts the hot air, helping it to rise more effectively and warm the room more quickly. This position can also help you create a co-ordinated look with your window dressings by making the radiators the same, or complementary colours to the curtains or blinds, for example, or adding ornaments to the windowsill that help set off the finish of the radiator.

You can also help direct the heat where it needs to go by adding shelves above radiators so that it moves out into the room, rather than just rising up to the ceiling. This can double up as clothes drying areas too if the shelves are positioned the right way, which can also help you make the most of the 2021 ‘home comforts’ design fashion.

Above all, have fun experimenting with colours, styles and trends for radiators in 2021!

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