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Why Are Meat Pies Popular?

Originating from the European continent, the traditional meat piece is a specialty cooked mostly during the winter season. Kids love having this. Adults are obsessed with it. It is not just a weekend brunch specialty but also a must-have during picnics and dinner parties.

Although meatpies are consumed mostly in the winter, meatpies can actually be consumed at any time of the year. During winter, it adds warmth and during summer, it completes a delicious plate of barbequed meat and donuts. Wash it down with a glass of delicious wine and you are sure to have a good night’s rest. 

In other words, meatpies are an icon. But where did these pies originate from? And what makes them a household specialty? 

Let’s find out in today’s post!

How did meat pies come into existence?

Meatpies originated in Europe. Its roots are associated with ancient Rome & Greek cuisine. Pastry shells that combine water and flour are filled with meat after which they were cooked under goals. Although people use meat today, the ancient Romans would eat seafood pies at dinner.

Savory pies were introduced by the Romans to England. Usually, ducks and pigeons were used during preparation. And as time went on, the classic meat pie also traveled to several other countries which eventually changed the fillings by adding a whole new variety of ingredients.

So, what makes them so famous?

Well, the first reason why meatpies are famous is that they are a classic dish. Meat pies have been prepared year after year and recipes have been passed down from one generation to the other, which has caused the dish to evolve and improve over time. Not just that, meatpies are different from the usual pies that are sweet and used as desserts. 

They also include a lot of rich spices and appetite which explains their popularity. Restaurants also sell a lot of meat pie for cheap and the portions are filling enough to feed an entire family and fill their appetite. 

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What types of meat pies do people like to eat in today’s time?

  • Empanadas

They come with beef fillings alongside a doughy crust. They can be prepared either by frying or baking. Depends on what you are in the mood for!

  • Mince Pie

The filling here consists of minced beef, gravy, and mushrooms. They are used consumed in Australia and New Zealand and served with a generous dollop of ketchup on top

  • Natchitoches

A Native American dish, Natchitoches are basically crescent-shaped pastries made with ground beef, onions, garlic, and bell peppers.

  • Sfiha

Middle Eastern meatpies come with a delicious and spicy meat mixture alongside a good flatbread that completes the dish.

  • Tourtiere

A French-Canadian specialty, tourtiere is served during holidays and in two formats: shallow standard pie dishes and deep dishes which are prepared in oven-style pots. 

What is the Nigerian pie?

Quite different from other meatpies, Nigerian meatpie was prepared since the days of British colonial rule and should not be confused with Jamaican beef patties. The pie is made of a flaky and crumbly crust and is stuffed with delicious meat, potatoes, curry powder, and carrots. They are served hot and are often served as either a street food specialty or even as a snack during dinner parties and other social events! Either way, they are quite popular and are gaining importance in Nigerian cuisine too!

How long does a meatpie last? Should you refrigerate them?

Well, meatpies can last you quite long, provided you cook them well and keep them refrigerated. Most pies taste good if you bake them on a specific day and then leave them on your counter for a few hours. Leaving it out in the open overnight is never a good idea. So. make sure that when the day is coming to a close, you place them inside the fridge. Culinary experts also say that meat pies should be kept inside the fridge for at least two hours after it is done cooking!

What tips can you use to cook the best meat pies at home?

If you want to make a delicious and savory meatpie, then here are some of the tips and rules you need to keep in mind before execution. 

  • Make sure your meat is cooked partially beforehand. You need to make sure your meat pie comes with a nice golden crust that is well-cooked and has a decent filling. So, you need to fully brown the meat and make sure the moisture is fully rendered out. This will avoid creating a soggy crush.
  • Next, use phyllo or even puff pastry. Meatpies usually give you the chance to make homemade dough. But if you are running out of time, you can use a special kind of crust like puff pastry or even a phyllo dough. This also comes with good beef alongside feta cheese which adds and enhances the taste. 
  • Finally, make sure that you seal your egg wash. 

So, as you have seen, meat pies are essential and cooked in various ways around the world. But what is your favorite type of meat pie and how do you like to prepare the same? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also share your questions regarding meatpies and we would love to get back to you on the same!

Till then, take care, and happy cooking!

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