Why Architecture Matters

If countries like Italy, France, Russia, and India are on your travel list, it is mainly because the food there is incredible, the cities are cultural, and the physical environment is aesthetically pleasing. From eating a Mediterranean diet to bathing in the sea there’s much to be excited about.

Now, the physical environment is about the sights, scenery but also about the buildings, the style of buildings, and the way they make us feel.

Architecture is less of an art and more of a language and a vibe. It is an extension of our bodies and minds, allowing us to express ourselves.

Indeed, architecture is complex and abstract, but it communicates to the soul as well as the mind. Listed below are some reasons why architecture is essential.

Provides an Identity

The architecture provides identity and voice to buildings and cities as a whole. The buildings speak for themselves and their culture. For instance, buildings with incredible architectural designs like the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower are recognizable worldwide. In fact, most people only visit these countries to see the exemplary sites.

Architecture is also an expression of ancient culture.

The best example here is Egypt, where the buildings speak of the history, religion, beliefs, financial status, and even ancient Egypt rules. Similar is the case with ancient buildings in India.

Recall that architecture is one of the main things that differentiate cultures from each other.


Improves Environment and Health

As mentioned above, architecture is a vibe. It not just improves the look of buildings but also helps in the creation of a harmonious workplace that reduces stress. Properly designed and maintained facilities have a positive impact on mental health and increase productivity. They allow the workers to connect with the workplaces and work in an encouraging environment. Workplaces that are professionally built also allow ample lighting and air to pass through, which reduces the pressure and balances the environment.

Apart from workplaces, professionally designed hospital buildings with a nice view that allows sunlight to enter can help the patient heal 20% faster than those who do not. Architecture also has a significant impact on the learning abilities of students.

Outdoor architecture is not just limited to buildings. Properly planned cities also help in maintaining sustainability. Irregularly planned cities consume more energy and result in the reduction of productivity.

Leads to Progress

Architecture improves the way of living, which leads to both personal and economic progress. Countries with unique architectural sites attract potential tourists, which enhances the country’s economic conditions.

At a personal level, architecture improves mental health by reducing stress and providing an encouraging environment, which leads to more productivity. Characteristics and configuration of space have an impact on our creative thought process and ability to learn.


Final Words

Architecture defines and differentiates cultures from each other. However, it is vital for architects to keep certain things in mind while designing new buildings and planning cities. 50% of all energy use in North America is due to the operations and functions of buildings. Architects have the ability to shape and change the functions of buildings through technology.

It will not only matter for aesthetics but for sustainability as well.

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