Why an Awning Could be the Perfect Thing to Get Installed on Your Home This Summer

Summer is well and truly upon us, and what better time to buy an awning? It’s this time of year where the sun will be shining especially bright on your home, and this isn’t always a good thing. While we all love a bit of summer sun, there comes a time where you need to take a break from tanning and actually think about protecting your home from those UV rays. That’s why awnings can be so helpful, but what actually is an awning? What will they help you with? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you just that, and enlighten you as to why an awning could be the perfect thing for you to get installed this summer.

Awnings are canvas’ which are designed to cover up specific parts of buildings. During summer, they are designed to prevent certain areas of your home from overheating, which is achieved through the materials they are made from. They are predominantly made from acrylics or cottons, and are stretched across metal frames to allow them to keep their shape. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be designed to cover all different parts of your home. They are fairly common, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely useful. Here’s why.

Of course you should be thinking about protecting your house itself from the elements of summer, but first you have to think about yourself and those around you. If you’re going to be hosting a lot of outdoor parties this summer, such as a garden-do or a barbecue, there are going to be a lot of people in your home getting exposed to the sun. Sometimes sun cream just isn’t enough in these kinds of situations, and a bit of outdoor shelter is required. That’s where an awning comes into play, providing easily accessible shelter without anyone having to leave the company of everyone else. Because of the materials awnings are made of, they can easily block out the sun’s rays and prevent anyone from getting nasty sunburn. There’s nothing worse than someone’s day being ruined by getting salami arms, so an awning offers an easy way for people who burn easily to hide away for a few minutes or hours at a time.

Even if it does rain, your awning will still be extremely useful. You can hide under it for a few minutes if there’s a light drizzle, or if your barbecue is in danger of being ruined you can always place it underneath the awning and prevent your dinner from being ruined. They are built for all kinds of weather conditions.

Purchasing awnings can also be very helpful when it comes to you saving energy. Protecting areas of your house from direct sunlight can help reduce the need for air conditioning, reducing the amount of money you’ll have to spend during the warm summer months. On rainy days, awnings will also divert rain away from your house’s framework; this will only benefit your house in the long term as you won’t have to pay as much on repairs.
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Awnings won’t exactly break your bank balance, either. If you know where to look, you can find a relatively cheap awning to do a job for you over summer. Of course it depends on the size of the awning you want and the number you want to purchase, as prices will increase and these factors do, but you can usually find a good quality awning for a really affordable price. Even if they are a bit more expensive than you originally envisioned, you only have to think about the potential benefits the awnings will bring you in order to ease your mind. Investing a bit of money in an awning now could save you plenty of money in the future if it stops your house being damaged, so it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase. Check out Marygrove Awnings for good, affordable awning prices. They also offer free in-home price estimates.

You can also get any size of awning you require. There are that many different sizes of awnings that chances are you’ll find one that is just the right size for you, and you can get them for any location on your home. You’ll more than likely need help installing them, so it won’t matter if the awning needs to be big or it’s a difficult area of your house to attach it to- you can get all the help you need. Any area of your garden can be covered in shade, and any part of your house can be protected; just say the words and it’ll happen.

But what if you suddenly want to enjoy the sun in areas your awning covers? Don’t worry, you can just buy a retractable awning. This means you can have it open when you need the shade, and can just retract it inwards whenever you want to enjoy the sun a bit more. This gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes t the weather, and leaves you feeling more in control of the elements. It might cost a bit more, and even more so if you want to buy an electronically controlled awning, but it’ll be worth it in the long term if you want to enjoy the summer months.
You can also use your awning to add to the aesthetics of your house. They don’t just serve a functional purpose, but can actually be used to give your home a more summery look. You could purchase one with a bright colour, or go for a pattern which will really stand out in the summer months. You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood, and it’ll make you feel a lot better about your house in general if it looks good for the whole town to see. It can’t be overstated enough how much of a difference it can make to your garden parties and barbecues if you make your home and garden look the part.

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