Which Toilet Is Better: Round or Elongated?

A toilet is an integral part of any bathroom. There are numerous options to choose from, depending on bathroom size and user needs and preferences. Often, buyers choose based on bowl shape.

Essentially, toilet bowls are either round or elongated. If you’re looking for a comfortable toilet seat, that’s usually the part to refer to. Both operate similarly, but they are shaped and sized differently, so their aesthetic impact on a room also differs. With that in mind, it’s important to know more about these options so you can pick the right one for your bathroom.

Comparing Round and Elongated Toilets

Below we’ll go over some key aspects of toilet shape selection and see how the round and elongated shapes fare in each.


It’s no secret that the battle for bathroom supremacy has always been between circular and spherical toilet bowls. They are the most popular options on the market, after all. That said, their clear difference in looks tends to make a buyer prefer one over the other.

Even if your toilet’s more stylish portions remain intact, bowl shape will still influence its overall look. Therefore, it could still affect how you view your bathroom.

In a round bowl, the front is more circular and extends just a bit into the room. On the other hand, an elongated bowl stretches a few inches farther, occupying slightly more of the room’s space.

In an age of bigger and grander bathrooms, the elongated bowl gains considerable ground over its round counterpart. It has also established itself as the more contemporary of the two, coming in more sophisticated and advanced designs you don’t normally see in round bowls. Then again, there is no shortage of traditional homeowners who will always associate digestive conclusions with a round bowl. 


Both are used in similar ways that involve nothing complicated, whether you’re a man or a woman. From years of using round bowls, we know that they’re pretty easy to use, but elongated bowls could be even easier.

That’s because of their oval shape, which is technically more comfortable to sit on. The shape is also wider, addressing mobility issues and contributing to a less messy delivery for kids and adults alike.


Securing both bowls in place involves the same steps. If the tank and bowl are separated, their coupling should be done first.

You then apply a wax ring around the waste pipe and lift the toilet into place at a certain angle. Once set in place, put pressure on all sides before locking the toilet into position and connecting the waterline.

That said, the awkward shape and heavier weight of elongated bows may make lifting and moving them more inconvenient. Though, that shouldn’t make a drastic difference to the installation process.


As mentioned previously, elongated bowls take up a bit more space in the room than round bowls. We’re talking specifically two inches of space between the two, which could matter for some but not for others. There’s also an interim size for those who are really particular about this aspect, but it’s classified as neither elongated nor round, so we won’t talk about it today.

To comply with most building codes, one should ensure toilets have at least 21 inches of vacant space fronting them. Some cities may even require more, and ADA compliance stipulates at least two feet of space in front of the toilet. That shouldn’t matter for the bigger restrooms as much as it does for the smaller ones, but the fact is, a couple of inches difference counts.

Toilet 2


The elongated bowl’s more contemporary design makes it slightly easier to clean and maintain than a circular bowl. Round-front bowls tend to have deeper crevices that can be difficult, and let’s be honest, nastier to reach inside of.

Elongated bowls aren’t without their crevices, but they’re typically shallower and more out in the open. Thus, they’re easier to get a cleaning brush into. These areas are also more “exposed” in these bowls, so they won’t get as filthy.

Flushing Power

Flush technology is more varied now than it used to be. From the pressure-assisted to the double-cyclone option, both bowl shapes provide numerous flush offerings.

Despite this, pressure-backed flushing tends to work better in an elongated bowl than in a round-front one. As for other types of flushing technology, there’s practically no difference between the two.

It’s All a Matter of Preference

As long as you comply with the building code, your bowl of choice should come down to preference. Sure, elongated bowls are usually more expensive, but they’re not expensive enough to keep you from choosing these bowl shapes if they’re what you want.

Take stock of your bathroom’s design, floor area, and the ways you prefer to relieve yourself. See how the above factors contribute to these, and it shouldn’t be long before you have an answer.

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