Which Is Best: Asphalt -Vs- Metal Roofing

A roof is possibly the most significant surface in the home. Your roof withstands extreme weather exposure and has the largest part in protecting you and your family from the harsh elements. A roof blocks wind, hail, rain, and snow. It also receives the majority of the sunlight and assists with providing insulation to maintain the warmth in the house during the winter months and coolness during the summer. The professionals at Prominent Construction Roofing strongly believe the roof plays such a valuable part in the performance of your home, it is critical that the roof is not only aesthetically pleasing but that it functions properly as well.

A damaged roof ispricey in more than one way. In addition to repair costs, the secondary damage to other items can be just as costly. Your furniture, flooring, and even electrical can be destroyed from a leaky roof. With that said, most homeowners appreciate durability over any other features. But, when the time comes to choose between a metal and asphalt roof the choice can be difficult.

Obviously, asphalt manufacturers assert that their products are both cheaper and last longer. Then again, metal roof companies make the identical claim. However, both roofs offer advantages, and in many cases, the deciding factor ultimately boils down to the homeowner’s budget.


asphalt roofing

In the past, asphalt shingles were the popular roofing choice for residential use; up until recently, to suggest something else would be considered strange. Although asphalt is especially heavy when compared to other options the price of installation and materials is generally low, making it a big selling point. Furthermore, asphalt is available in anassortment of styles, making it great for most houses.

Asphalt roofs have a unique feature and that is it’s not excessively difficult to install. This fact is appealing for many homeowners. If damage does occur, and the homeowner has gained proper skill in the installation of this kind of roofing, they could save the expense and do the repair themselves.

Overall, the least expensive choice for roofing is asphalt, but in many cases has a lifespan of 50 or more years. Asphalt will withstand most unpleasant weather conditions as well as fits well with most home designs with virtually every color choice available.


Metal Roofing
For some time now, metal roofs have been the choice of rooffor industrial and commercial; however, only recently have the residential market accepted them. At first, it was difficult sinceinexpensive metal roofs are exactly that; cheap.Good thing for potentialconsumers, quality metal roofs do have several great qualities, such as tremendous longevity.

Much of the time, metal roofs last up to 100 years, which is far longer than an asphalt roof. Additionally, unless you buy the cheapest metal roof available, these types of roofs offer exceptional defense against all the elements. A unique selling point for metal roofs is that they can be formed into almost any roofing design imaginable. They can even be shaped in a way that imitates shingles.

Overall, a reliable and solid option, metal roofs only weakness is in the cost. Cheap metal roofs will cost as much as an expensive asphalt roof, and many homeowners do not want cheap metal. However, if you have the ability to fit a quality metal roof into your budget, it can be an excellent choice for your home.

Comparison Of Asphalt And Metal

When you consider longevity, you will find it difficult to find a roof with a lifespan as long as quality-made metal. Furthermore, metal roofs are available in a widerange of colors and styles, including some similar to the asphalt roof.Then again, the higher-quality metal roofs could cost two to four times more than asphalt.

In the end, the key issue isthe dispute between longevity and price. Most shingled, asphalt roofs will last beyond the time of your ownership; however, if you are concerned about withstanding extreme weather and prefer a different look, the best way to go might be metal. Take note, a well-made metal roof will end up costing you significantlymore money.

Which Roof Is Best?

Prominent Construction Roofing advises the answer to this question may be different depending on your budget and your areas weather condition. On one side, better-made metal roofs will always be stronger; and on the other side, asphalt will always be cheaper, and in many cases with last long after its 30- or 40-year warranty.

To learn more about asphalt and metal roofs, speak with the experts of Prominent Construction Roofing today!

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