What You Need to Know About Canvas Printing

A canvas print refers to an image printed from an inkjet printer, onto canvas. Once it is printed, the canvas gets stretched onto a frame. You can either opt for a frameless border or a framed canvas print. Printing your digital photos usually brings you excitement as there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your photography on display in your home or office, beautifully printed.

Whatever you want to display, be it a day in the field, a timeline of school photos or a family vacation, canvas prints are a catchy way to show off your favorite photos. They not only liven up any space but are also an artistic way to update a room’s appearance.

Why do canvas printing?

Canvas Digital Prints are Works of Art

Canvas digital prints have the advantage of both depth and texture. A canvas digital print adds texture, durability, and depth to whatever image you wish to display on it. The durability and color vibrancy of a canvas print outshine the same image on many other mediums.
Canvas Digital Prints are Works of Art

Canvas Printing is Cost Efficient

Canvas images last longer compared to other mediums like paint. Furthermore, creating large prints on canvas can be more cost-efficient in comparison to producing large prints on other mediums. Paper prints, for example, are less expensive to produce in the beginning but are generally more expensive to protect and display. Also, paper prints are often protected in glass cases which can be very costly depending on the size of the digital photo.

Increased Durability

Canvas digital prints are more durable compared to paper prints for many reasons. Canvas wall art uses high-quality inks which, due to their archival properties, last longer while maintaining the vibrancy of a freshly printed photo, much longer than the paper alternative. Several traditional canvas manufacturers may use varnish as a coating, but canvas prints Australia bypasses that process due to our unique advanced print technology and inks giving you the best possible experience.

Enlarging Images

Canvas prints perform well when it comes to maintaining resolution and detail even when increasing the size of your wall art or photo. Multiple panels known as diptychs or triptychs are often used by most people to elicit visual interest or fill a larger space. Creating large canvas digital prints and complementary panels afford canvas printing unmatched flexibility.
Enlarging Images


Displaying photos printed on glossy paper or framed behind glass in the right space usually give them a stunning look. However, this is not the case in rooms with a lot of light, be it artificial or natural, as the shiny finish can cause glare and reflections, impeding the viewer’s view of your photo as originally intended. Canvas prints do not fall victim to this natural occurrence as they have a satin-matte finish making them the perfect medium to display photos even in brightly lit rooms.


Getting your canvas digital prints through canvas prints Australia reward you with quality, flexibility, and durability. Different images and situations often call for different mediums but with canvas prints, your wall art will be a beautiful, relevant way to preserve your favorite images for an entire lifetime.

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