What You Need to Do to Eliminate Bed Bugs in Your Home

To eliminate bed bugs from your house, you need to plan a strategy that will work. Bed bugs are tough to remove, but if you work with A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Memphis | Pest Control, you will succeed. Since you will have to think about removing these annoying bugs, you need to ask yourself:

  • How infested are the bed bugs?
  • How big is your house?
  • Do I have a lot of clutter in my home?
  • Do my neighbors have a bed bug infestation?
  • If yes, who is willing to eliminate their bed bugs?

If you live in a rented apartment, you must inquire from your landlord about what he or she is capable of doing. From there, you can proceed to ask your immediate neighbors whether they have bed bugs in their houses. And encourage them also to eliminate their bed bugs to avoid future infestation after cleaning.

Once you get the answers to the above, use this procedure to eliminate the bed bugs.

  • Identify the bed bug/ pests in your house
  • Develop a working strategy
  • Contain the infestation from spreading
  • Prepare for treatment
  • Eliminate the bed bugs
  • Evaluate and prevent future infestations

Identify the bed bug/ pests in your house

Collect the bed bug or pest you found and take it to an expert. Once you’ve confirmed it, it is a bed bug, inspecting your home, and all dark areas to see to which extent the host has infested.
Identify the bed bug pests in your house

Develop a working strategy

How do you want to eliminate the bed bugs? You will need to create a schedule to help you plan your treatment approach.

Indicate where these bed bugs are infested as you remove them, you’ll compare notes to see if your strategy was successful.

Contain the infestation from spreading

Your pets and all items that cannot be treated will be put in a sealed plastic bag for a year or less depending on the number of bed bugs. You want them dead, so you can put Nuvan Pro strips inside the plastic bags to penetrate and kill the bed bugs.

Once you are done vacuuming your house, seal the dirt and throw it in outside trash. If you prefer to throw away your furniture, ensure it is ripped off so that someone else is not tempted to take it home. Alternatively, you can mark all the items always thrown as ‘bed bugs ‘ to prevent someone from taking them back. All the trash you get out of your house should be disposed of as soon as possible.

Prepare for treatment

Whether you are hiring a professional or not, preparation is essential when treating bed bugs. Early preparation will make the procedure easier because the infested areas will be bright.

Eliminate the bed bugs

Since most chemical insecticides can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Depending on your situation, these DIY methods can work towards eliminating bed bugs. Depending on your climate, you can take the trapped bed bugs or the enclosed materials sealed in a plastic bag out to the sun to let them burn to death. You can also impose heat treatment by using a heater to kill the bed bugs as for the clothes; you can put them in a dryer on high heat. For an alternative, you can consider using your freezer to kill bed bugs. You place the clothes on a sealed plastic bag and put it in a freezer at the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius for four to five days. Use a vacuum as a diffuser to suck the clingy bed bugs and carefully place them in a plastic bag to die or a sealed jar with a teaspoonful of rubbing alcohol. If you insist you want to use an insecticide, consult with a bed bug exterminator, which is the human-friendly and pet-friendly pesticides to use.
Eliminate the bed bugs

Evaluate and prevent future infestations

Evaluate your work by regularly checking if bed bugs returned, inspect dark areas, and repeat the process if you see bed bug eggs. To monitor your progress, you can use interceptors and traps. You can buy commercially or DIY interceptors to prevent bed bugs from climbing the legs of the bed and furniture. It is essential always to stay alert, and whenever you sleep at a hotel, ensure you use a spotlight to check the bedding in case you suspect bed bugs.

At home, ensure you regularly clean all your furniture, repair wall and floor cracks, fix wallpapers, and any art walls. Normalize vacuuming your travel luggage to avoid bed bug transfer.

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