What Type Of Hose Can I Use For My Garden?

Working around the garden can be a wonderful, calming experience. There is something about spending time in the garden, planting flowers, vegetables, fruit, watering them and taking care of them. Later, when you see that your work has been successful, you feel proud of yourself and everything you have done to make the garden look perfect.

Although this is a wonderful experience, when you don’t have the right tools on your hands, it only gets frustrating and annoying. Simply put, it turns from a relaxing time to an irritating and bothersome obligation. In order to not let that happen, you need to make sure that you are using the right tools. One of the most important ones is a garden hose and you can find more info about it if you click here.

You’d think that having just any kind of hose will work perfectly, but that’s definitely not the case. There are a lot of different types on the market and there are a couple of things you need to take into account in order to choose the right one for you. Not every hose can be perfect, or perfectly functional, so you mustn’t make a rushed purchase.

It’s important to understand that not every type works for every garden, or every person for that matter. This is why, instead of simply recommending you a few great brands and hose types, I will try to teach you how to choose the one that will work best for your individual needs and preferences. Here are a couple of the most important things you need to consider when buying a garden hose.



Picture this. You go out to water your garden and upon reaching the middle, you realize that it is just too short. You can’t tug and pull it, since it won’t do anything but damage the product. This calls for finding a different way to water the rest of the garden and, frankly, every other way you can think of will be complicated and probably ineffective.

As you can see at https://www.gardenpeer.com/best-garden-hoses/, there are various lengths you can choose from. Since you don’t want to get a short one, your first instinct might be to get the longest one offered. That is, however, another mistake you can make. Too long a hose will be difficult to carry around and operate, as well as to store. Don’t even get me started on draining it when it’s time to store it away during the winter.

What’s the solution, then? I guess the answer to this question is pretty obvious. You need to find the perfect length. The perfect length is the one that allows you to reach the whole garden easily, but doesn’t give you a hard time when you need to carry it and store it. This really isn’t that difficult to find.


Unsurprisingly, the next important factor you need to consider is the width of the hose. The bigger the inner diameter of the hose, the more water it will carry. People who have large gardens usually opt for the wider hoses, because it is the easier option. If you think that the wider one is the best for you, just remember that it can be a bit heavy to carry around.

On the other hand, smaller diameter houses are perfect for some small tasks around the garden, such as watering containers. They will carry less water, but they will also be lightweight and easy to carry around. If you decide that this is the right one for your needs and requirements, don’t forget that it cannot be used with sprinkles or with anything that requires high water pressure.



Material plays a huge role here. Usually, you will find either rubber or vinyl hoses. Once again, which one you will choose depends on your needs and requirements, but your budget will also have a say in this choice. Make sure to check how hoses are stored and maintained depending on the material, so that you don’t end up spending even more than you planned.

The vinyl one is the cheaper option, simply because it is less durable. It has its advantages, such as its lightweight and the ease with which it is operated. If not stored and maintained properly, however, it will quickly crack, split, or decompose. People usually opt for this type when their budget doesn’t allow them to get the rubber one.

Speaking of that, the rubber hose is the best quality one you can find on the market. It is durable, long-lasting, and can carry hot water without getting damaged. It is also pretty weather resistant. These features make it rather expensive, though. Plus, it can be difficult to carry around. Ultimately, the choice of material depends on your needs and your budget.


I have mentioned that storing the garden hose is important for its longevity and functionality. If it isn’t flexible enough, however, it will be really difficult to store it. Flexibility is also important because any little cracks that might occur on the hose will mean that you are wasting water.

Instead of wasting it, you should try to save it and here’s how: https://www.wikihow.com/Conserve-Water-in-Your-Garden
When out shopping for a hose, it’s best to perform a little test called the “kink test”. Basically, you twist the hose into a U and if it kinks, you don’t buy it. Of course, every single type will kink to a certain extent, but you will definitely know when it is too much.


This factor is especially important if you plan on using a sprinkler or a nozzle. You don’t want the hose to burst under pressure. That’s exactly what you need to look out for – the burst pressure measurement. Usually, if it’s above 350 psi, you are good to go.

If you plan on using a pressure washer, you might want to go even higher than 350 psi. In that case, read the pressure washer manual to know how to choose the right hose for it. You should also be careful with using pressure washers and this page offers a few useful tips on that.

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